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The History of the Christmas Tree

Christmas is fast approaching, and it won’t be long before homes across the country are given a festive makeover. There’s no doubt the Christmas tree is the ultimate symbol of the festive season, but what exactly does it represent and how did it become so popular?

Here, we’ll look at the history of the Christmas tree and how it all got started.

When did it start?

The exact time that Christmas trees started to be used as a festive decoration isn’t known. However, credit has been given to Germany for introducing them in the 16th century.

Originally, they started out as wooden pyramids, decorated with candles. It was the Protestant reformer, Martin Luther, who transformed the tradition by adding a living tree to his living room after being inspired when walking home one evening. After seeing the stars twinkling amongst the evergreens, he decided to place a tree and wrap it with twinkling lights to recreate the scene. Whether or not that’s exactly how Christmas trees began is debatable, but it’s certainly a beautiful story!

Christmas trees across the globe

Christmas trees have become an important part of the festive decoration in the UK and America, but what about the rest of the world? Well, Canada was actually one of the first countries to adopt the Christmas tree after German settlers migrated there.

In Mexico, trees are often placed in the home at Christmas, though they’re considered more of a luxury than a necessity. They also prefer to use artificial small trees, rather than the real Norway Spruce trees we use in the UK. Even Brazil, which celebrates Christmas in summer, incorporates trees into tis decorations. Here, pine trees are decorated with cotton wool to replicate falling snow.

So, it’s interesting to see how Christmas trees differ throughout the world. However, one thing that remains the same, is the love of decorating them in time for the festive season. These days, you can purchase a huge range of different types of Christmas trees. Why not mix it up a little this year and opt for a more unique tree from a store such as Cox & Cox?

However, Christmas trees came to be so popular, there’s something magical about putting them up and decorating them each year. It’s even common to see them being erected in late November as families are keen to enjoy their magic and beauty in time for the festive season. 

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