We love finding new places to walk, it’s a great adventure and keeps it different for the kids to enjoy. So I did a little Google and look around the maps, and spotted a walk in Berry Meadow Twyford

We haven’t walked around this area before, and we wanted somewhere quiet to explore. It was about 20 minutes from home so not far at all, which is perfect for a little walk. So the directions said to park in Berry Lane, near Church of St Mary the Virgin, Twyford. As far as I could tell there wasn’t a car park here, just an area alongside in Berry Lane to park the car. 

Once you arrive, you waked down the hill towards the river and a wooden bridge. 

This is where we found a tree swing! After a bit of confidence building for my 3 (as the swing went over the river) they all jumped on and had a great time swing over the river! Thank goodness no one got wet, but what a great river to play in too in the warmer weather. 

A perfect place for a dog swim too! 

 It was such a peaceful place, we only saw a few people around which was just what we wanted that day! 

After this wooden bridge head straight over and there is a gate to go through, this gives you so many directions to go.  

Here is a map with all the routes on, as you can see there is so many walks around here. Were be back!

With big open fields for the dog and kids to run around, however cattle roam in these fields so you must be aware of this. We didn’t see any on the day we visited but there was fresh poo so they must have been near!! 

We happily enjoyed some hot chocolate on a little brick bridge, with some more water for the dog to play in! 

We really enjoyed this walk, there was so much to explore and we will be back to explore more soon! 

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  1. This look like my sort of walk, plenty of interesting things to catch your eye and plenty of space for the kids to burn off as much of their energy as possible. That swing looks so enticing, my lot would’ve been on there in a flash, the only difference is my lot would definitely have fallen in with no spare clothes to pop on after! I look forward to reading more posts about your adventures exploring the other fab walks on the sign.

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

  2. You are very brave with the swing! My folks couldn’t do it – they’d get soaked! This walk is about 20 minutes from us as well so might check it out ๐Ÿ™‚ #CountryKids

  3. There are a few places near us with tree swings like this but I always avoid them as with my lot it could be a recipe for disaster! #countrykids

    • I had visions of someone in the water (it wasn’t deep) but it was worth the fun and surprisingly no one ended up in there!!

  4. This looks like a great spot – I’m going to have to add that to the list of places to visit! I used to live near the river at the Eastleigh end when I was a little girl and it was lovely to head to in the summer months #Countrykids

    • Ah how lovely to live near the river, I spent many days down Manor Farm jetty!

  5. What a fabulous place. I want to go on the rope swing too. So quiet and peaceful xxx

    • Yes it was nice to visit somewhere that was quiet and everyone could run wild!!

  6. Wow it looks so peaceful and idyllic. We’ve been on a mission lately to explore new places that we’ve never been to. Just for simple walks. It’s so lovely when you find a hidden gem like this. The tree swing looks like so much fun! x

    • It’s amazing how many lovely places there are just to explore that are close by. Ones you never realised that were there!!

  7. Who would have thought Twyford would have this magnificent and beautiful area to go walk abouts. I would have loved to go on the swing too looks fun

    • Gets you away from the housework too doesn’t it, and play with them properly

  8. That tree swing looks like so much fun (though to be honest I’d be too scared to go on it) and I know that if we stumbled across anything like that my husband would be straight on it!

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