Last weekend we wanted a little walk somewhere new. So I found Ovington which is very near to Alresford Hampshire. I love finding new places to walk and even though this wasn’t a very big walk at all, it was just what we needed for todays walk. 

Aim for The Bush Inn pub and find a parking space near here. This pub looks really nice, with outdoor seating overlooking the river too. They also accept well-behaved dogs too, perfect for stopping off after your walk! 

The footpath we took runs along the right hand side to the pub and down to the river. You can’t really miss it, with the red dog poo bin!!

Follow this path and you come to a bridge, there isn’t any other paths to take, just this one over the bridge 

As we went at the start of March it is pretty muddy and wet, but I can imagine how pretty and full of wildlife this river would be in the summer. 

Follow the path all the way along, the children enjoyed dipping their toes in the river and seeing how deep it was! 

Once you have followed it all the way along, you come to another bridge which brings you out on a road. This is a little side road with some houses. There are fields to the left with public footpaths through them. This would be a nice route to take to make the walk longer and keep of the roads. 

We went to walk a circular route around but it meant taking the road up to the church and along the road. This road is meant to be a 30 I think, no way were people doing that speed. It was pretty fast, so we decided to turn around and come back along the river edge. The dog could run off and so could the kids! 

 So back along the river we went, and ending back at the pub. It isn’t a long route but I am sure if I had a look at the footpaths around I would find many ways to extend this walk. It was good for a stroll and maybe next time were pop into the pub! 

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