Garages can be used for multiple purposes: keeping your car safe and sound, extra storage space, and even turn it into a haven for your band or a place for the kids to play. If you need some organising advice and don’t know where to start in your efforts, try out some of these tips.

Move Everything Outside

This might take a while, so first of all you’re going to want to set aside a good blocked out day to clear out a garage. So you know what you have, and also so you know the entire garage space has been cleared out and there’s nothing left to stumble across, take everything outside to account for it.

Straighten Out Your Storage Space

Straightening out your clutter can be done in a variety of ways. You can fit in some extra shelving space to keep odds and ends neat and easy to grab, and they’re easy to install. If you want some creative storage space, look for garage shelving units online. These kind of shelves can come in a load of different materials, and can often be collapsible, so you’ll know they’ll be best for the more contained space.

You can even use a lot of ceiling storage if need be. Garages tend to have lower ceilings than the rest of the house so strapping something to the upper floor won’t be hard to reach again.

Plastic boxes or cans can be stored on top of cabinets, and can be allocated to very specific collections. Old shoes, coats, or even winter stock should go in these to keep them out of the way and altogether. You can also use a plastic can as a trash area, which makes taking things for donation a lot easier as well.

Store Everything Against A Wall

This seems a little more like common sense, but if you want to be able to get a vehicle in a garage, or use it for band practice, then there needs to be room to fit it in. You don’t want to accidentally run over anything and damage either the car or a much loved set of drums.

An important component of storing everything against a wall is throwing out or breaking down the objects that are too big to keep to a semi circle. Boxes should be flattened and kept behind shelves to optimise storage space, and be sure to throw out anything you don’t actually need. Being able to see your floor is a huge sigh of relief when we’ve put everything back after sorting through it.

If you have a shed in your back garden, use it to it’s full capacity. It’s often the goal that a garage looks as good open as it does closed, so any tools that belong in the back garden need to go in the back garden. No hose should be kept in the front yard.

These were just a few tips to get you started, good luck in your efforts!

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