Being a Mummy of 3 kids, and a 5 month old puppy can be a little busy at times! So I so try to make sure I have some time to switch off and relax, do something I enjoy and something that doesn’t involve, kids, blogging or housework!

So I thought I would show you how I love to relax.

Grabbing a Cup of Tea

A good old cup of tea, I know it is typically British but I love sitting down and switching off with a good cup of tea. My favorite tea is Twinings English Breakfast, it sounds really silly but it tastes so much nicer in my favorite mug. An Emma Bridgewater 1/2pint in a polka dot design, and of course hubby makes the best cuppa!



This is only a recent one but one I am really enjoying. I was sent a Staedtler bundle for me to give adult colouring a go. I am completely sold! I find it so relaxing, it makes you sit down but as your holding a pencil you feel like your doing something. I am one for doodling when I am on hold on the phone!



The Staedtler pencils are so soft, and with the triangle shape they are really comfy to hold as well. Make myself a cup of tea before hand, and it’s perfect!


The only thing is, my daughter loves colouring as well and she spots me sitting down to colour and very quickly joins me! I don’t mind though, it is really sweet and it is a nice task to do together.


Watching YouTube Videos 

Since starting my YouTube videos I have found so many lovely channels to watch. It is still working a bit as I am learning how to edit by watching others and picking up tips, but I do find it relaxing. My favorite vloggers have to be The Michalaks, his editing skills are out of this world and his drone shots are amazing.

I’m never going to get to his stage of editing but have a look at my favorite video of ours!

Going Out For A Walk

Walking is so good for you, it keeps you fit, gives you fresh air and gives you space away from the house to think. For the past 3 years I have been socialising the Hearing Dog for the Deaf Puppies, I have them for a year before they go onto their advance training. So I have always had an active puppy in the house, which has meant I have got into a good routine of getting out for a walk each day. We now have our own puppy, Gus! A 5 month old puppy who loves a good walk, and is my company. We love our walks together, and it isn’t him that gets annoyed if we haven’t got yet for our daily walk….it’s me!


Let me know how do you like to relax?

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  1. I’m all about the cups of tea and going for walks to relax. They are both great ways to shut off for a bit and clear your mind!x

  2. I like the idea of colouring to relax, never tried it before but I can imagine how relaxing it can be. i have to agree, grabbing a cup of tea is something I do to relax to. Or a glass of wine 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. The London Mum Reply

    Tea is definitely my thing- best ay to take a good 15 minute break to myself! I love twinning tea as well 🙂

  4. A cup of tea and YouTube videos with a little bit of chocolate is just perfect! I also love a LUSH bath. I always have one of those when I am trying to relax xxx

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