Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Saturday 17th December 2016 

And relax! After having a VERY busy few weekends with Santa visits and family visits, we welcomed a well needed relaxing weekend. Just being able to go at a slower pace and get some jobs around the house ticked off too.

So Saturday came and Tyler was off out bag packing at Sainsburys with the Scouts, they managed to raise a fantastic amount and I am sure everyone loved having their bags packed by kids…….I never got a photo of him which was a shame.

Me and the girls raided their bedroom, I have wanted to give their book boxes a good sort out and clear out some of the books they have grown out of now.

After a good clear out, we needed some fresh air, and had a lovely walk with our friends. I had heard about some woods near by to us on the news, they want to build loads of houses in the woods, but people love these woods. So I wanted to go and explore as they looked a good place to go.

It was great, with gravel tracks, so not too muddy. Places to climb, trees to run around and that meant lots of fun!

The dogs loved it, and it is popular with dog walkers too.

They made us laugh so much, as Rudi (the red spaniel) started digging….Gus watched on….then joined in too! Gus dug a hole A LOT quicker than Rudi did, with his massive paws!!

Me and my best friend have to get a ‘selfie’ together!

After being out for 2 hours, we went off home to snuggle up and chill out. I always feel a little guilty doing this, as I know I should be getting on with doing many things on my list. However I had to give in, and rest as I have been so tired.

Gus wanted to join me for a cuddle, although he is very quickly taking up a lot of room and not much left for me!

Each year, me and hubby have a wrapping night. We have done this every year since moving in together, we get all the presents together, pop a film on, nibbles, drink and get wrapping! It usually goes onto late, however this year wasn’t a good start, we had 1 roll of wrapping paper, so hubby had a trip out to the supermarket before we had even started! 1:30am we ended up in bed!!

Although the little helper didn’t help very much!


Sunday 18th December 2016

This was a boring day for pictures, we had the girls swimming lessons at 9:30am, so hubby walked the dog whilst swimming was on, so that was done.

I wanted to clean the house from top to toe, hubbys Mum is arriving for Christmas on Thursday and I wanted it all done and ready for Christmas then.

Mum and Dad wanted to take the kids out to a Christmas Fayre near to us, I sent Tyler off with the job of taking some photos for this blog post…..he got this one for me!

Lily is really enjoying my colouring book, I keep finding her happily curled up in the corner colouring.

So that was our weekend in photos, I am really enjoying doing this blog posts. 4 weeks worth now, and next weekend is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so I might be later putting it up….see how it goes. I am having a quieter couple of weeks on the blog over Christmas. I really need it, and really need to spend some time with my family without think of fitting blogging in too.

If you don’t already follow me on Instagram I also post a daily picture, and at the end of the year I have a picture for every single day, this year it will be 366 pictures!

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