Whilst on our Easter holiday to the Cotswolds we visited a lovely place in the forest. Wenchford is a Forestry Commission location in the Forest of Dean, Blakeney, Gloucestershire. 

If you’re looking for a place to take the children to paddle then this is perfect! 

Easter weekend was very warm and we wanted to be outside and enjoying it and Wenchford was a perfect spot for this. When we first arrived it was very busy, the car parking spaces were limited and our friends had to park quite far away from the main area. But as I said to the children, it’s busy but that must mean its good! 

We picked our spot under the tree and laid out our picnic rugs. Everyone was doing the same and lots had BBQ’s as well. 

Wenchford is a lovely shallow river that runs through the forest with perfect areas for the children to paddle in. The water was clean, a bit chilly in April but the kids still spent about 2 hours playing in the river. 

Wenchford has a toilet block which was pretty clean considering the number of people that day, with a small hut serving simple drinks and ice creams.

There was some litter that people had left in the river which is a shame to see, be good and just take your own rubbish home with you. 

This is a perfect spot to meet up with families and friends to spend the day chilling and somewhere for the children to play. Lovely simple nature play that we often forget to do with the children. 

Wenchford picnic site was pretty easy to find and set in a very beautiful setting too, I hope you have a lovely time. 

We stayed at Barncastle, and over the years we have visited Puzzlewood, Beechenhurst Lodge, Woodchester Park National Trust, Symonds Yat, and Dryham Park National Trust. 



  1. What a lovely spot for a picnic and a paddle. We have a similar place near us in Edinburgh, though weather wise we don’t get many paddle days, haha.

  2. Sounds like a great place to spend a day with family and friends. Looks like you got great weather for your trip!

  3. Wenchford definitely sounds like such a gorgeous play to explore, it seems like the kids really had fun.

  4. It looks so lovely there, your photos are beautiful. The children looked like they had great fun paddling in the stream.

  5. We have been by the river today although the kids were not brave enough to dip their toes in

  6. I have always wanted to see the Forest of Dean area, it all looks so beautiful. What a great spot for a picnic the kids look like they’re having a blast!

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