Are you the type of person who has dreams of their life plans, or do you live for the current here and now? Do you think of all the things you would love to do, have or go? Or is it best to ignore the things you ‘could have’ in case you don’t get them?

I love creating dreams, dreaming of places we could visit, or things we could have. The thing I love dreaming about is my home. I check Rightmove every day to see what houses have come on in the area, and if there are ones I like. Our current house was a project when we purchased it. I love finding new projects out there that we could do, I look at the floor plans and come up with ways of changing the layout, what designs I would choose and any original features I would keep. Hubby hates it, as he knows we can’t afford to do these projects, so it just frustrates him!

So I was challenged to come up with my dream home, and for me this is such a fun challenge to do! 

My Dream Home

The Building 

I was lucky enough to visit my dream home on holiday in Easter this year. Barncastle was my dream home, set in the Cotswolds this 5 bedroom barn conversion was so stunning. It still had the character of the building, but converted to have all the modern facilities. 

The front of the building with the large doors were once the main entrance in to the barn, and where so much went on. The little long narrow windows dotted around the barn, kept that original feeling of the building. 

It would be a lot of work to convert a barn, and I think you must have some self build insurance to cover the unexpected problems you may come across when building your own home from scratch. Self build insurance offers a warranty against defects in design, workmanship, materials or components of the property. It would be very reassuring to have that cover, however I think the reward at the end of the project would be amazing.  You can also find lots of great information on self builds at the self build portal.

Original features 

Barncastle had worked with the structure of the old barn, and also made the most of the original features. With the lounge situated upstairs you were able to enjoy the vaulted ceiling, exposed beans and the views out over the fields. 

I also loved how they made the new additions look like original features. This old stone fireplace looked like it had been there forever, but imagine those winter evenings in front of the fire. 

I happily sat in the window seats with my coffee taking in the views, and enjoying the peace (well with my kids running around too!) We all sat there dreaming of this being our own house, and how lovely it would be, or even to have it as our holiday home to visit when ever we wanted! 


I would have to have a view, something to look at, watch the world go by from a distance and be sat in my little bubble. I love visiting the beach, so having a sea view would be my preference, but I wouldn’t want to be close enough to be in with all the tourists! 


I love walking in the countryside, I love how peaceful it is, and how you can be walking for miles and you don’t come across many people. However I also love the convenience of living near towns. If I need to purchase something, or get a job done, I like being able to get there quickly and get the job ticked off easily! So I would need to be driving distance of about 20 minutes from a town, and a local shop about 5 minutes away to pick up everyday bits.   

I would love to live walking distance away from a sandy beach too. I love sandy beaches, I love them in the winter for walking the dog along, everyone sticks their wellies on ready to get splashing in the waves. The summer is lovely to relax, and we recently had a lovely dinner on the beach, so would be making that a regular occurrence if we lived close. 


The most important thing is family, somewhere that my children can be happy, have friends and a space to call their own. Then as they grow up, a place they can come back that they love. A place they could then enjoy with their new family, my Grandchildren, wives, husbands and new extended family members. A place that many new memories can be made. 

So what do you think about my dream home? Do you think I am looking for too much?! Or maybe one day when I win the lottery do you think I could achieve what I want? What would be your dream home? 

*Collaborative Post 

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  1. We have just stayed in my dream home on a break, an old style cottage with wooden floors, large rooms a log burner etc

  2. Ahhh, any home that I own would be my dream home at the moment. The idea of getting a deposit together feels like a pie in the sky dream. One day… one day. That barn house is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

    • Oh it’s so hard to get a deposit together, I hope your dream comes true soon

  3. Mary Abbott Reply

    Oh my goodness, I love that house! Could look at it all day xx

  4. I think you have just perfectly described my dream home too. I’d have to stay in Devon but beaches, sea views, barn conversion all definitely make the list. Two living rooms for sure, a huge kitchen diner, and at least 5 bedrooms and three bathrooms. Oh and a sizeable garden with summer house please. Ah, I’m off in dream land again….

  5. Your dream home sounds wonderful! I always like to dream, life would be pretty dull without it! I hope you have a lovely weekend – and maybe that lottery win! x

  6. What a lovely home! We’ll be putting our house on the market very soon so I’ve been in ‘dream home’ mode for probably the last 8 months (!) and RightMove is my crack! lol I love house dreaming for sure, my wishlist is so long 😉 xx

  7. I love our current home but I get that feeling that its time to change apartments. I do hope we find something equally nice – space and view wise. I really don’t want to move out of our current complex though. As for as dream house – I think we have a few years to go before we decide where we buy it

    • Oh it’s nice your have a nice view and space, two really good things to have

  8. I love your choices. My dream home would have two lounges, the family lounge and then a separate small cosy lounge just for me.

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