Getting out cycling with three kids can be a bit of a logistical nightmare at the best of times. There are so many things to consider, how do we get to the place with them, the safety of the roads, making sure everyone has the right gear (and it fits!) and most of all where to go cycling as a family in Hampshire!  

So with all this in mind, I started to look around to find somewhere to take the kids cycling and happened upon a wonderful place near us in the village of Wickham. There is a disused railway line here called the Wickham Railway Walk which is part of the Meon Valley Trail, but it’s just perfect for cycling as a family. 

Why Is The Meon Valley Trail Great For Cycling?

  • Flat for little ones cycling legs 
  • Safety. There are no cars along this walk 
  • There is a lovely wide path to share with walkers 
  • Straight and long, perfect for cycling
  • Good car parking (though it can get busy at times)

We parked in a good sized car park at Wickham Car Park, which is located up Mill Lane and behind Chesapeake Mill. 

This car park is right on the edge of the path, so easy to start your cycle ride with the children straight away. 

The only downside is, it’s an 11-mile straight line! So you will need to turn around and cycle back the way you came. Not circular, however, this is great for timekeeping for the kid’s little legs, as you know how long it took you to do the first half! 

We visited on a sunny January afternoon and it was so pretty with the sun shining through the trees. 

Expect to get muddy during the winter months!! 

I am enjoying capturing little videos of the places we’ve visited recently as I think that the videos really bring these places to life. 

Let me know if you visit the Wickham Railway Walk and Meon Valley Trail, or are there any other great cycle routes for families in this area? 




  1. I’m so excited for family bike rides once my boys are bigger! This place looks perfect, flat ground would definitely be a must for beginners and I love that it is away from any cars xx

    • Yes that is my worry with the kids and their bikes, if they tumble into the road as were going along.

  2. I didn’t realise there were other railway walks around, we’ve got the south Staffordshire railway walk by us which we took our daughter to recently to learn to ride her bike too. It’s great that it’s flat and striaght.

  3. This looks a lovely place for a walk/cycle ride. We have a similar former railway line walking/cycle path at the end of our street in Eccles in Salford. – we walk it often and it’s always v v busy with all ages and lots of dogs 😉

  4. Looks like a great place for a weekend walk or cycle! Love getting into nature and having some exercise at the same time! Looks great fun too!

    • Perfect place isn’t it, we’re sorting out our bikes properly so we can all go together

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