Steven Spielberg returns to executive produce the long-awaited next installment of his groundbreaking Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World.

My son has been off to watch this film today, so to celebrate the release of the new Jurassic World film I am giving away a Jurassic World Lego 75916 Set with House of Fraser toys.

Lego Jurassic World: Help gray escape the Dilophosaurus ambush in this Lego Jurassic World set! Gray has got lost in the park and is rolling around in a gyrosphere being chased by a dilophosaurus.

Join the ACU trooper as he drives to the rescue in the classic Jurassic World 4×4. Use the binoculars to seek out the ferocious dinosaur and call for back-up on the walkie-talkie. Evade its snapping jaws and use the winch to grab its legs. Take down that dino before it can jump on the back of the 4×4 and activate the explode function!

This Lego building set is for ages six and up. Includes 2 minifigures with a weapon and assorted accessories: Gray and an ACU trooper.

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  1. Don’t think anyone has mentioned it yet. But it’s the Dilophosaurus ;o)

  2. gemma blake Reply

    Dilophosaurus (we have seen this 4 times so far…. my son is OBSESSED!)

  3. Dilophosaurus

    Great competition. I would love to win for my little boy. He loves dinosaurs and lego. Thank you for the chance โ˜บ

  4. Steve Weaver Reply

    Would that be the Dilophosaurus, which appears as a hologram in the movie?

  5. Claudia Carroll Reply

    A dilophosaurus. My lego mad 5 year old would love this prize!

  6. The species of dinosaur in the Lego set is Dilophosaurus.

    (well, technically, there’s a *toy* Dilophosaurus in the set, not a real member of the species! eeek!)

  7. Deb Alexander Reply

    Dilophosaurus x Many thanks for running such a great competition! x

  8. Dilophosaurus

    Great little competition! I was looking at these in Legoland Manchester on saturday! Awesome film as well!

  9. Keri Jones Reply

    It’s a dilophosaurus. My boy loves dinosaurs & was very upset that he couldn’t come to see the film with us, lol. He’s only 3 xx

  10. Brad Start Reply

    A Dilophosaurus (hopefully I’ve got the spelling correct).

  11. debbie smith Reply

    a Dilophosaurus !!!!!!!!!!!! fab giveaway my son is dino obsessed ! hes seven and was so gutted jurassic world was a 12 a bless him x

    • My friend took my son and her 2 children. Her youngest is 6 and she enjoyed it, so he maybe ok. Thanks for your entry!

  12. Chris Andrews Reply

    What species of dinosaur is included in the set we are giving away? Dilophosaurus

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