World Book Day is a yearly celebration at my girl’s school and we often get the letter with not much notice! Last year Sofia wanted a Gangster Granny Costume for World Book Day, so this is what we put together and I thought it would be good to share it with you, as it didn’t cost too much money either. 

World Book Day 2019 – 7th March 

As you can see there wasn’t too much to this Gangster Granny Costume but it was very effective. It’s also easy to adapt to the items you may already have your self, making it a cheap world book day costume.

We also made a swag bag and cabbage soup tin!

What You Need To Make A Gangster Granny Costume

How To Make A Gangster Granny Costume

  • Use smart shoes, so school shoes are great for this 
  • Any type of tights (keep them warm in March too!)
  • I used a school skirt to make it easy, but any type of skirt would be fine 
  • We had a walking stick in the house, so added to the look
  • Ask relatives for a blouse, they didn’t have one, so we picked one up from a charity shop. 
  • A relative gave her an old pair of glasses and we took the lens out
  • Grey hair spray that comes in a bottle, it doesn’t have great coverage but looked grey!
  • A cotton bag that you can paint or draw SWAG on 
  • A tin with cabbage written on for her cabbage soup 

So if you’re looking for a quick and cheap World Book Day Costume, then I think this is a great idea and your little one can be a fantastic Gangster Granny! 

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Ready Made Gangster Granny Costumes 

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  1. Love the costume! Looks simple yet effective, I don’t have any school age kids yet so I will have all of this ahead of me!

  2. Gangsta Granny! That is a very unique idea! I love it! I’m sure your daughter really enjoyed doing something different from everyone else. I like making costumes that are different from the popular ones 🙂

  3. Oh what a fab idea!! Love Gangsta Granny! We aren’t doing Book Day at our school this year, I’m kind of glad!

    • There hasn’t been a mention of it yet….but knowing our school it will be last minute!

    • It puts the pressure on doesn’t it when you have to create a homemade costume, be this one is super easy so all good

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