World Book Day is a yearly celebration at my girl’s school and we often get the letter with not much notice! Last year Lily wanted to be a unicorn, she was and still is obsessed with unicorns! I was pretty stuck by this one as I didn’t want to spend out quite a bit of money on a ready made one, so we got our thinking caps on! So this is what we put together and I thought it would be good to share it with you, as it didn’t cost too much money either. 

World Book Day 2019 – 7th March 2019

So here is my little Unicorn Costume! 

What You Need To Make A Unicorn Costume

How To Make A Unicorn Costume

  • Pick a pair of shoes that you have
  • White trousers/leggings/jeans
  • A white T-Shirt 
  • We had a unicorn hair band already but you can pick these up lots of places 
  • We had a hairband which had lots of colourful hair attached, we got this from Claire Accessories
  • Elastic band that you would sew into clothes. 
  • Tulle knotted on to the elastic to make a tail
  • Then sprayed her hair pink to match! 

I have noticed looking around on Amazon there is quite a few more unicorn items and costumes this year! So it will make it even easier for you to pick up the items 

Shop The Items On Amazon 

Ready Made Unicorn Costumes 

Or if you’re looking for a ready-made Unicorn Costume then Amazon has a great selection to choose from. 



  1. Awwww this is brilliant and super easy too! I’ve got to find something for my son but I’m not sure he’d be happy with this 😉

    • Thanks, yes you can have it whatever colour you want as there was so many options

  2. I am in love with the pink hair spray! This is an amazing costume, well done for putting in so much effort zz

  3. Fab costume! And so many great unicorn books to choose from. Oscar the Hungry Unicorn is one of our favourites.

    • Oh I will have to go and have a look for a book for her, she loves anything Unicorn!

  4. I absolutely love Lily’s unicorn costume! It’s really simple, doesn’t involve buying silly things she’ll never wear again and her hair looks awesome 🙂

  5. This is really clever and effective, and could easily be adapted with different colours. Thanks for the reminder that book day is coming soon, best get my thinking cap on!

    • Yep pick whichever colour your child wants, there are so many colour options on each of things we purchased. Our school isn’t doing it this year, hoping they do next year as it will be the girls last year doing it

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