When myself and Karen from Talesofatwinmum were invited along to have a pamper treat at the new Xpress Beauty in Whiteley, we knew we wanted to make the most of this! Both being a mum of 3 children we cannot wait to have a little ‘me’ time and pamper!

Xpress Beauty wanted to offer Fareham and Gosport Twin Club a members discount on their treatments so we came up with a great idea of getting together for a twin mum pamper morning.

Xpress Beauty has recently opened in the new Whiteley Shopping Centre, Hampshire. They also have one in Hove if you live that way.  The website is easy to use and has a full list of treatments and online booking if you want to find out more.

They are situated up in the area where the independent retailers are based, in a bright, modern and airy shop. As it has a glass frontage it feels so open, isn’t enclosed or stuffy at all, feels very welcoming and easy just to pop in. There is a car park directly in front which has 1 hours free parking if you’re having a small treatment but you still get 3 hours free parking in the larger car parks.


When we arrived I was greeted by friendly staff who were very helpful and very welcoming. I was asked if I wanted a drink whilst I filled out my information to list any current/past health problems and my information. Once this was done I didn’t have to wait very long until I was called through to my treatment room. I was looking forward to my neck, back and shoulder massage, I was looking forward to massaging out all my tensions!


This was the room, it was clean and tidy, the bed had a lovely warm and cosy blanket on and the rolled towels for my head. It was very cosy and comfy.

The beautician was lovely, she was really informative and asked me questions about what type of massage I would prefer. She gave me options on how things would be done and which way I would prefer things to make sure it was the most comfortable and relaxing. I found this really reassuring and made me feel very comfortable. It was little things like letting me know that they have a little black bag that hangs on the door handle to indicate if the room was being use or not. It was nice to know that nobody was going to walk in on me!!

I was given the option of two different oils, both smelt very nice!! As myself and Karen were having our treatments at the same time we were given the option of having the sliding doors folded back, so if you’re having a treatment with your friend or partner you can be in one big room together. It also works out slightly cheaper if you book for two at the same time!

The lights were dimmed down to a dark blue and soft relaxing music in the background. It was really relaxing and I didn’t dare close my eyes otherwise I would have been asleep!!! I really recommend having one when you can!

Next it was onto my toes,  file and polish to make them look nice for my summer sandals, now we have some sunshine! I was handed a polish colour chart and which gave me a large choice of colours to choose from. They also give you the option to purchase the new OPI nail polish bottles at a cheaper rate if you use them for your treatment.


I was really pleased with my toes, well painted and filed. I also loved the look of the pedicure that Karen had! The treatment area in the front of the salon is laid out with a long bench seat with ‘stations’ for you to sit and have your feet done. This means if your with your friend you can sit and chat with them too! It is very sociable.


Once I had my treatments I sat down and had a little chat with the other mums. I was offered drinks by the staff and made sure I was happy.

Xpress Beauty is a really nice modern, welcoming and friendly salon. If you are looking for a salon with great staff, lovely treatments and easy access than Xpress Beauty is for you. You can even do a bit of shopping in Whiteley whilst your there!

I even booked another treatment before I had left!!

*Thank you to Xpress Beauty for providing my treatments, although I did not pay for these treatments all opinions and words are my own and not influenced.


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