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I am a PR friendly blog and I am happy to accept products for consideration for review, sponsored posts, giveaways and brand events that are relevant to our life and blog.

Take a look at my About Me page to find out more about me and my family

  • My family has 3 children aged 9-14 years old and a husband who I married in 2007
  • A house that is a 1960’s time warp which I am renovating throughout and do most of it ourselves
  • I am based in Southampton, Hampshire and willing to attend events.


Below is some of the brands I have worked with through my blog.

I love working with brands through my blog, it gives a great opportunity to bring fun content to my readers and I love to show products being used in a fun way. If possible I like to expand on my review posts, and include them in something that we do as a family.  Like when the Peeka Puffs joined us on a day out at Beaulieu fireworks.

I have also found my reviews have generated more interest if I can creating useful content for them. ‘How I cope with muddy dog walks‘ is a great example of including a product review, but with some useful content as well. This shares well on Pinterest, and gains further long-term hits.

Videos and YouTube 

I have also started to expand on my blog posts and included videos, I really enjoy making these and I think it gives a great opportunity for my readers to get a true feeling of the places we visit or the products we are reviewing.

Here are just a few of our favorite ones 

Philips Hue outdoor smart lighting review 

Holiday to Longleat Center Parcs

Santa Special Watercress Steam Train 


I will use my own clear pictures to capture the products or places as well as I can, I have invested in a good quality camera which helps me captures pictures beautifully.

Philips hue smart outdoor lily spot lights with girl blowing bubble

IKEA HACK EKBY ALEX HACK into a dressing table. Looking a creating a dressing table from a IKEA EKBY ALEX shelf, then take a look at this post. It works brilliant with a grey and white bedroom decor, and lots of storage. I also have put together a IKEA MARIUS stool hack to make it a little more comfy!

Contact Me 

Media Kit upon request, and please do contact me to discuss working with me and my rates, I am open to suggestions on how we can work together. 


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