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One of the big things I love about working with brands is having the chance to be creative. Working together with the brand and my blog to come up with a post that both appeals to my readers and works well for the brands. 

I will always work hard to create good quality sponsored posts that are interesting and provide practical information for my readers. 

When reviewing products I will also show how we use the items as a family, through videos and photography. 

If you want to find out more about me and my family then please take at my About Me page 

  • We’re a family of five with 3 children aged 9-14 years and a husband who I married in 2007. Six if you count the dog who is as big as one of the children! 
  • We are currently renovating our 1960’s time warp house and we do most of this ourselves. Although we draw the line at the extension we are currently doing! 
  • We live in Southampton, Hampshire and willing at attend events. 


Below is some of the brands I have worked with through my blog.

I love working with brands through my blog, it is a great opportunity to bring fun content to my readers. I also enjoy showing the products being used in a fun way, or practical ways that my readers can relate to. Providing useful information to my readers like when I review a pair of walking boots, makes the most more interesting, provides long term information and shows the product being used. Content like this also shares well on Pinterest, and gains further long-term hits.

Videos and YouTube 

Adding videos to my blog posts are a really fun way to bring the content to life, as well as sharing it on more than one platform. I really enjoy making these and I think it gives a great opportunity for my readers to get a true feeling of the places we visit or the products we are reviewing. 

Here are just a few of our favorite ones 

Philips Hue outdoor smart lighting review 

Holiday to Longleat Center Parcs

Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner 


Capturing great images for my blog is so important to me, I will always use good quality photographs. 

Contact Me 

If you’re interested in working with me, please contact me to request more information or my Media Kit. I am very flexible in how we can work together to suit your brand and my readers. 


Click here to contact me directly by e-mail

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