Our House Tour

When we purchased our house back in 2012 I was so excited to take an on a project. The house was a well-made house which was built the 1960’s and in a very nice road. I remember my Mum saying she loved this road when I was younger! We were so lucky when we purchased it and I really do believe in fate. 

I spotted the house on Rightmove, not a surprise to my Husband as I was always spotting houses I liked on there! Although there was something about this house that I kept coming back to. In the end, I managed to convince him to book a viewing with me to see it. Off we headed, I honestly think he thought I would turn up and my curiosity would be satisfied!  We knocked on the door and had a little peep through the garage, then I spotted our current next door neighbour pottering around the garden!!!

We both were so shocked to see each other! We found out she was dealing with the probate of her friend’s house and was busy clearing it out. Well, it turns out this was the best thing for us both. She knew who was moving into her friend’s home who had lived here for over 40 years, a family who would look after the house and she would then be able to pop in and see what we had done to the place. It also meant she held the house sale for us so we could sell ours! Much to the annoyance of the estate agent! We wouldn’t have got this house if it wasn’t for her.

So when it came to moving in my brain was FULL of ideas, but we didn’t have a huge budget to do much. We had to reduce our old house to get it sold and with fees etc, we could only get the things done. Did a kitchen on the cheap, replaced the front door with a good quality safe one, made the garden safe for the kids and got my son’s room done for him. We then slowly went through the house renovating it. 

Fast forward to now and I have featured some of the rooms on my blog which have been finished and I thought it would be great to have them easy to view and in one place.  

However, there has been a twist in the renovation and now we have the fun times ahead of building an extension! I will be sharing the process along the way, things we’ve learnt, mood boards, decisions that need to be made and the products we are using. I want to show you how we are organising our family home to make it work for everyone. 


Above is my current ideas and the drawings I have put together, I am so excited to be doing this as it’s something we’ve wanted to do for years and why we purchased this house. It will make such a difference to our family life and it’s going to be so fun!! 

So back to our current house! 


This room has been renovated twice! We did a quick one not long after we moved in as it still had the original 1960’s wooden kitchen in! Back in July 2016 we gave the kitchen a really nice renovation. Bright airy units with wooden style worktop, we boarded up a doorway so we were able to fill one side of the kitchen with units. It’s still a small kitchen but we’ve made the most of all the spaces we can. 

 Have a look at the full kitchen renovation blog post or the video tour 

Garden Renovation 

This has been our most recent renovation and one that we are super proud of. It has ticked every box for our family and we’ve fitted so much into the garden. It’s a very relaxing space and one I can’t wait to keep adding to and watch it develop throughout the seasons. 

 Have a look at the full garden renovation blog post or the video tour 

Twins Bedroom

My twin girls bedroom was always a tricky one. They share the larger room together but we’ve had bunk beds, single beds together but nothing worked. We also had an old airing cupboard in their room which stopped us using the room to its full potential, so we removed it! This then allowed us to be able to split their room in half and they could have a side each and space for their own bits and bobs. 

Twin Girls Pink and Blue Bedroom Have a look at the full twin girls renovation blog post or the video tour 


When we moved in we had a turquoise bathroom suite with turquoise tiles, it was perfect 1960’s style! It isn’t a large room and we much prefer showers, so we went against all estate agent tips and decided to have just a corner shower in the room. This then allowed some more space for storage. I don’t miss having a bath for everyday but I do miss not being able to relax in the warm water and chill. 

A NEUTRAL CREAM BATHROOM TOUR. Large cream tiles, with brown and bronze mosaic tiles. Adding in accessories to create a luxe finish to the bathroom. Brown and cream bathroom. Cream and brown shower room. Bathroom tour with accessories.

 Have a look at the full bathroom renovation blog post or the video tour 

As you can see this isn’t every room in our home and even though we have renovated other rooms, they aren’t fully finished and ready to reveal! I look forward to being able to add to this and to create more home tours for you to get some ideas from.