I decided this year I would get a bit crafty with the Christmas cards this year. I have come up with 4 easy Christmas card designs that are good fun to create and easy too.

I really enjoyed this craft with my girls, I loved that with a little bit of help we could create some cute Christmas cards for our family and friends.


So what do you think?!

Father Christmas Hand Print

Created by white paint on the fingers, tip of thumb and top of palm. Then red paint on the bottom of your palm and most of the thumb. Press down, upside down and sprinkle glitter on the white parts. Once this is all dried then paint on a face colour, dry and glue on eyes, nose and mouth.


Fingerprint Bauble Strings

I drew on a strings and the little caps that attach the baubles, then the girls did fingerprints as baubles on each little cap. Such an easy but effective card.


Handprint Tree

This is super easy, paint their hands in green paint, pop a handprint on the card, stick a star on the tops. Wait until this is all dry and then get them to do fingerprint baubles over the tree. I then sprinkled glitter on to the baubles whilst the paint was wet. If you have room you can paint a brown pot at the bottom of the tree, we didn’t have enough room.


Footprint Penguin

This one was good fun as it was using their foot and doing foot print painting! Paint feet in all black, make sure you stamp the foot on upside down so the toes are at the bottom, leave to dry. Once dry, paint on black wings at the side, red/orange beak, glue on eyes and then paint on a white tummy. Whilst the white tummy is wet then sprinkle on glitter.


These were all super easy and great fun!

I was sent a great Christmas card stamp from Stamptastic, this is personalised so I can stamp them straight inside my cards. No need to write out lines and lines of our names!

They have, To……… Happy Christmas Love From Steph, Kev, Tyler, Lily and Sofia


You can choose from 4 different colours of ink, I choose blue as I thought it would be the most clear. It was really easy to use, it does need some pressure to push down to make sure it goes on even. Sometimes it did miss off a small part (would have been my fault) however they are homemade so it just adds to it doesn’t it!


I also was able to try out the address labels to stamp on the back of the envelopes. Which was small enough to fit on the back of these envelopes, it used clear and simple text.


*Picture from Stamptastic

We also gave the present labels a try, I created some labels from any of the cards that didn’t go well but well enough for a label shape! Again these had our names all on, so I only need to pop in the To………


This is going to make Christmas present wrapping a lot quicker! However it’s great to make my own labels too, I love creating them from left over cards from last year.

I hope you have enjoyed my designs of cards, I found similar designs on Pinterest and had a go ourselves with a twist!


* I was sent the Stamptastic stamps for the purpose of this review, however all words and opinions are honest and of my own.



  1. super cute ideas! I love the bauble fingerprint one the best I think. The stamp will make it quick and easy to write the cards which is always a winner

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