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Anniversary gift guide for all budgets

After a few years of being married anniversaries may begin to sneak up on you. It can be more and more difficult to find new and unique ways of celebrating this special day, without resorting to the classic dinner date. Every year may be different and therefore your budget may also be larger some years and smaller others. This Anniversary Gift guide is filled with wonderful suggestions for anniversary gifts considering all budgets. From romantic European getaways to more inexpensive DIY gifts, this guide will ensure that no anniversary goes unplanned!

Gifts to splurge on

If you are looking for a big way to celebrate an anniversary and are in the mood for splurging what could be more romantic than a dreamy weekend in Italy? A European getaway to one of the most romantic countries in the world is a fabulous way to enjoy some alone time with your loved one. Classic romantic Italian destinations include major cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice. Another wonderful spot for a romantic anniversary getaway is the beautiful Sicilian village of Cefalù. With its attractive historic town and seaside, Cefalù is home to Italy’s finest beaches and dining. There are also incredible villas in Cefalù available for rent to guarantee a traditional yet secluded stay.

Another great way to splurge on an anniversary date is to recreate the menu from your wedding night or first date and recall all the best moments from that day. If your loved one has a favorite fancy restaurant in town or out of town surprising them with a dinner there is certainly a great idea as well! 

Budget friendly gifts

For your anniversary you can certainly be romantic and financially smart at the same time! A great idea for a more budget-friendly anniversary gift and way to spend the big date can be by attending a pottery class together and building something special for your home together. A photo album or customized stationary are also wonderful and very thoughtful gifts perfect for a romantic anniversary.

Sending a love letter or creating a jar full of love notes is also one of the more simple budget friendly anniversary gifts on the list and certainly one of the most romantic! Share different reasons why you love your partner and why you are thankful for them on this day.  If you and your loved one are chocolate lovers consider also making a chocolate lover’s bundle including different kinds of chocolate candies and hot chocolate mixes.

While it is very common to exchange anniversary gifts with your loved one on the day remember that these are all material objects and that the most important thing on this day is to express how your feel and spend quality time with your partner. 


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