I love a household gadget and one that gets rid of stains, even better! The Bissell Stain Eraser is a great product, it is like a mini vacuum that suctions up your stains. I have used this on both the carpet and sofa which it has removed the stains really well. 

With 3 kids and a dog I am never going to live in a spotless house, well unless I spend all day cleaning and that isn’t going to happen!  So I am bound to get dirt and stains around the house so there is no point worrying about it, however it would be nice to be able to deal with the stains as and when they happen. This is where the Bissell Stain Eraser comes in! 

Bissell Stain Eraser Cordless Spot & Stain Cleaner 

I wanted to give this product a try because I don’t want to spend my time worrying about keeping things super clean with the kids and stressing lots when they make an accident. Their kids and got to learn so they will make mistakes and drop things. At the end of the day, I still spill my dinner down me now and again! 

First Impressions / What’s Inside The Box?

The Bissell Stain Eraser is lightweight and easy to store. Which is great to use on carpets around the house, upholstery and taking it out to the car too. It will be good to leave in the cupboard and lift out quickly when an accident happens.

Inside the box is the Bissell Stain Eraser it’s self, a charger, instruction manual and 2 bottles of cleaning fluid. One is the spot and stain cleaner which is for when you have an accident and clean it up straight away. Second bottle is for old stains or tough stains. 

Cordless and Charging

First thing to do when you get the Bissell Stain Eraser is to charge it up! Don’t get excited to use it and then forget it needs charging first like I did! It takes 4 hours to fully charge, which will then give you 15 minutes run time. Which is pretty good to get things done. The blue light on the top will flash when charging and 3 lights will light up when it’s completed. 

How To Clean

The Bissell Stain Eraser is easy to fill up. With a chamber on the top and then marked lines for guidance. Fill up with hand-warm water to the line and top up with the cleaning formula. It easily slots back in and it is now ready to use. 

Follow all the instructions in the manual but he basic instructions are to turn on the Bissell Stain Eraser to start pre-treating the stain. You press the button on the top to start spraying the formula onto the stains. You may need to leave it for 5 minutes before cleaning as a pre-treat. Or you can spray on the formula and use the little brush head that is on the underside of the Bissell Stain Eraser to scrub the stains. 

Then comes then clever bit! As you press down the front of the Bissell Stain Eraser onto the sprayed area it will then start to suction up the cleaning fluid along with the stain! If you have dropped something with any colour in, you will see the colour being pulled up the machine into the dirty water tank on the back. It is pretty satisfying to see it disappearing! 

Don’t expect that one suction up is going to get all the stain out. Depending on the stain and what you are sucking up depends on how much you will have to do. You may need to go over the stain a few times. If it is particularly stubborn try the second bottle of cleaning fluid as this worked really well on our old stains. 

Dirty Water 

The Bissell Stain Eraser has a dirty water tank on the back, this is where your dirty water and stains will end up. You need to keep an eye on the level of fluid that is building up in it. You don’t want it to pour out. It is very easy to change and clean as well. All of this pulls apart so you are able to clean each compartment. 

Before and After 

Here you can see the dirty marks on the carpet at the bottom of the picture. I wasn’t sure if the Bissell Stain Eraser would get them up or not as they were pretty stained on my cream carpet. 

However you can see from this picture they’ve gone! 

What Did I Think?

I had a couple of teething problems to start with, getting use to how to use it efficiently and correctly but once I was over that it has worked brilliantly. I used it on my carpet and I would happily use it on any piece of household fabric or flooring. My friend borrowed it as well as they had knocked over an orange juice all over the sofa. It worked well, removing the smell and stain. When the kids or dog make a mess now the Bissell Stain Eraser will be the first thing I reach for! I did find it took a while to dry out after using it so don’t be alarmed if it looks worst before it looks better. 


Please take a look at my video to see the product being used briefly. 

* I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. However all words are honest and of my own. Post Contains Affiliate Links. 




  1. This looks like something every family home could do with. We have a lounge-diner, so there are lots of annoying little spills that I don’t want to get a full-sized carpet cleaner out for.

    • Yes that is just it, perfect for a quick clean up and not large to store all the time

  2. This looks fab. I have a big Bissell carpet cleaner but a small handheld one would be perfect for cleaning the everyday spills

    • Yes it’s nice to have a smaller one to do a quick job. Like todays accident on the sofa!

  3. What a difference! Our carpet is getting a bit worse for wear now, so we need to give it a good clean. This sounds like a great (and small) product to do a deep clean!

  4. Wow what a difference! With two toddlers my poor carpet and chairs look dreadful – I reckon I should give this a go!

  5. Great review and looks like a handy bit of kit. We’ve got one of these but a different brand and they are so handy. Im not so precious about things anymore as I know we can easily clean up any spillages.

    • Yes 100%! My son split a drink on the sofa today….it was perfect for it! Glad you’ve had success with yours

  6. Oh that does look great! I desperately need a carpet cleaner, with four children and a dog our carpet really takes a beating!

  7. This looks amazing…maybe you could pack it next time you come here and we could tackle my sofa that’s about 12 years old and suffered with three children in the house!

  8. I love the idea of combining stain remover and hoovering, rather than having to treat the stain first 🙂

  9. Oh wow – what a difference afterwards! What an amazing little gadget, love things like this, they make such a difference to every day life… and little spills xx Sim

  10. This looks fab – we have some stains on our rug and sofa that won’t shift so think I could do with this to use!

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