I am going to confess I love carnivals! I have grown up with our local carnival that my Dad would take us to each year, I loved it and really enjoyed going along each year. As I am still living in the town I grew up in I have kept this tradition going with my kids, however the past couple of years we haven’t been able to go along.

So this year I took them to a PROPER carnival, Bridgwater Carnival!

What a sight to see, the kids could not believe their eyes and nor could I to be honest!

Bridgwater Carnival has been around for many years and was started back as a celebration for the gunpowder plot. Over the years it has developed into an amazing spectacle for so many people to enjoy. It also raises a large amount for charities and what is even more amazing is that it is created by volunteers from the carnival clubs.

When you see my video you get a idea on how large they are and how much work must go into creating these wonderful floats.


When the first float came along we didn’t know when it was going to end! They are a height of a HGV lorry and about 3 or 4 of them put together. They are covered in lights, music and lots of people dressed in costumes.


The kids are use to our little old local carnival, so when they saw these amazing floats appearing over and over again it was so lovely to watch their reactions. Mouth open expressions and lots of ‘wows’!



What amazed me and hubby was the work that goes into these floats, this isn’t just chucked together, this is months and months of work, time to create all the mechanics, the moving parts and the electrics for the 100’s of lights on all of the floats. Then all the outfits and make-up and not one person does it by half measures. Remember this is all done by volunteers.

bridgwater-carnival-15 bridgwater-carnival-13

bridgwater-carnival-11 bridgwater-carnival-19

Mixed in with the huge moving part floats are floats which are still life, they have scenes set with real life people who are standing still and when I say still they are super still! There were times that I thought ‘that has to be a model’ nope they weren’t!

bridgwater-carnival-10 bridgwater-carnival-7 bridgwater-carnival-17

If you are thinking of going along to Bridgwater Carnival be prepared to wait, hang around and not get home early! It started at 7pm but by the time it got to us it was about 8pm, we were stood about half way through the route. Through the afternoon there was street performers and music going on around, we even had a magician come up to us and do some magic with the kids!


It takes 2 hours to pass one point, so by 10:15pm it was finished! We did the park and ride which was great value at £5 to park from 2:30pm until late, however the park and ride queue was huge and we left the car park at 11:30pm!


I was really sad when I saw the floats which had no lights on, they would have worked so hard to put on this show to be let down by their lights. However they carried on!


These three floats were our favorite, Noah, Lights Camera Action and Batman. The work that went into these was unbelievable which you can see when you see them in my video.

bridgwater-carnival-16 bridgwater-carnival-8 bridgwater-carnival-6

Overall we had a amazing time, we are so pleased that we went along to see this but it was a very long day for my kids as we don’t live near by either. There is a lot of hanging around for them too. If we were to do it again, I think it would be best to stay near by.

Well done Bridgwater Carnival!

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  1. Sian - The Mama Story Reply

    Wow what an amazing experience! Though I feel for you with taking so long to get home. It reminds me of the fiesta’s they have in Spain!

  2. This looks fab, I do love a good carnival. Unfortunately I don’t know of anything like this up near me but it certainly looks like you had a fab evening x

  3. Oh wow this sounds amazing! We have been thinking of going one year so it’s really useful to know how late it goes on, I think perhaps my children are still a bit too young for it.x

  4. Oh wow this does look fun and enjoyable. I love a good carnival! Now I want to say the word over and over cos it’s stuck in my head. Glad you guys had a great time despite the lights and the long queues.


  5. kerry norris Reply

    I’m glad you all had such a good time. The floats look great. I think my daughter would be too young for this though at the moment. I don’t think she’d sit/stand for that long x

  6. Gosh that looks amazing! Love the pictures of the floats – especially the Batman one, totally appeals to my geeky side! #Love2Blog

  7. What a spectacular evening! That looks so beautiful. I went to a carnival in Kent a long time ago.

  8. good grief two hours for them all to pass you, thats a lot of floats and a lot of fun. They do all look amazing. Imagine them having to stand still for all that time,, must get cold and sore
    Love the river boat and the sing that went with it.
    you would need some size of a shed to build them in, and I like the fact they are tall enough to be seen from the back

  9. What a beautiful sight to have seen, I’m sure it was so amazing to have watched all the different floats go past. It’s amazing the effort that goes into each and every one of their floats to find out it’s all done by volunteers for free is awesome. The kids look like they’re having an amazing time, watching all the floats must have been a great experience for them. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

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