Do you think you could manage to feed your family for £2 per head per day? I didn’t think I could either!

I was set the challenge of coming up with a meal plan that would feed my family for £2 per head per day by VoucherBox. They are working together with a UK based charity, Zamcog. It costs £2 to feed and educate a child in Zambia everyday, so with that in mind they wanted me to see how we coped on £2 a day.

I am working together with a team of bloggers who have also been set the challenge, and for each blog post published, VoucherBox will donate £50 to Zamcog to help the charity to support Zambia’s most at-risk children.

We were challenged to one day, however I was really keen to see how much we really could save and how much our food did normally come to. So I have completed 3 days for you, which gives you a few more ideas.

We make most of our meals from scratch, and normally shop in Sainsburys. However for this challenge I knew I needed to keep the cost down. So for the first time, we took a trip to Aldi! Put it this way, we went back the next week and did our full weekly shop for us. I was so impressed by the cost, the quality and the taste of the food.

We are a family of 5, so I worked out the cost for the full meal, then split it by 4. The twins are only 7, so don’t have a full-sized meal, so included theirs as 1.

My Meal Plan for One Person Day One 

  • Porridge, Blueberries and drizzle of Honey = 25p
  • Cheese Omelette and 2 Slices of Bread = 28p
  • Homemade Tuna & Veg Pizza and Homemade Wedges £2.89 / 4 = 72p
  • Apple Flapjacks as Snack made 28 = 5p

Total £1.30 per person per day 


I think this was a really good days worth of food, no one went hungry, it was healthy, they all enjoyed the food, the pizza was yummy, much better than the shop ones and the apple flapjacks went down a treat!

My Meal Plan for One Person Day Two 

  • Honey Nut Cornflakes, Milk and Blueberries = 29p
  • Tomato Soup with 2 slices of Bread = 39p
  • Toad in the Hole, with Mixed Veg and Mash Potato = £3.10 / 4 = 77p
  • Banana = 14p

Total = £1.59 per person per day

Another good days worth of food! All very yummy, and even the sausages were good quality sausages (97% meat)

My Meal Plan for One Person Day Three

  • 3 Wheat Biscuits, Milk and Blueberries = 36p
  • Poached Eggs with 2 slices of Bread = 16p
  • Tomoato Pasta, with Tuna, Carrots, Green Pepper = £1.76 / 4 = 44p + Garlic Bread 85p / 4 = 21p
  • Mixed Nuts = 18p

Total = £1.35 per person per day 

For every blog post published will donate £50 to Zamcog, the challenge will kick off on Monday January 16th. 

If you are a blogger and fancy taking part in this challenge, then take a look here for more information, more people taking part, then the more money gets donated!

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  1. I was challenged to do this too but didn’t take part. Mainly because I wouldn’t have managed and I would have to convert into Euro 🙂

  2. Wow you’ve done amazingly! I wouldn’t have thought it was possible but you’ve proved it is!

  3. Everything Mummy Reply

    It’s amazing just how much money you can save when you’re thinking about it and watching hat you eat and spend isn’t. What a great cause as well!

  4. You’ve done so well doing fab meals on a low budget . I like that you have managed to do a good variety of meals on such a small budget it shows that it is possible to do.

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