Whilst we were on our holiday in Copenhagen we had heard about this funky place to go and eat. Copenhagen Street Food is a large collection of food stalls under one roof. It sounded amazing, so off we headed! 

THIS ONE IS NOW CLOSED – Head over to the new website to find out more information on the new one opened up 

Copenhagen Street Food is situated on what they call Paper Island (Papirøen). At one time it use to be a printers/paper factory, which was kind of cool as hubby works at a printers! The building is filled with all different types of food from all over the world, from snacks, meals, drinks, puddings and ice creams. It had everything there!

With so many stalls you are bound to find something you love. Some food stalls serve organic food, however the priority is that the food tastes good, made from scratch, sustainable as the ingredients must not be transported over long distances, but are of local produce.  

We found the food prices good as Copenhagen is known to be expensive! My daughter got a slice of Pizza for 40 danish korna (about £5). We all loved everything we got, sorry I was too hungry to get a photo of it all, I forgot!!

The Copenhagen Street Food has lots of events on, mostly music, and is situated along the river. There was lots of deckchairs and tables outside, so it would be a really great place to go to chill out. Buy a drink and sit in the sunshine watching the world go by. If you had no kids with you!!

It has a really rustic feeling about it, with stalls being put together with old pallets, and wooden signs. Each stall was unique, and a pretty fun place to be. Don’t go here if you are expecting a quiet sit down, with service!! The toilets are pretty basic too!! 

However the reservation area seems great though. From 17:00 you can make reservations for upto 10 people, have the table for 2 hours, with waitress too.  

We were really pleased we visited Copenhagen Street Food, and I recommended you add it to our list of places to visit when you’re in Copenhagen. 

Copenhagen Street Food Market, a great place to visit in Copenhagen and a must to visit when your there.



  1. I love to see two things when out, food and clothes! This look like a great place I love trying the different food out, yummy 🙂 Looks like a great variety.

  2. The street food looks delicious and I’m pleased to hear that the price was not too bad 🙂 x

  3. Oh wow this looks amazing! We went to Copenhagen last year and think somehow totally missed this and now am kicking myself because it looks fab!

    • It’s really tucked away, just set in an industrial site! You would have never known unless you knew it was there!

  4. My brother’s girlfriend lived in Copenhagen and when I heard of their adventures it sounded amazing. I love street food places, it’s such a good way of finding unique, new flavours 🙂

  5. Dean of Little Steps Reply

    That food market looks amazing. I do love trying out street food when we’re abroad too. It’s just so much fun and a good way too, to mingle with the locals and learn more about their culture 🙂

    • It’s great fun. I’ve never tired it before but will make sure I do on anymore adventures!

  6. Street food is my absolute favourite although I’ve never been to Copenhagen. It looks great and one day I’d love to visit and try it!

  7. Love the look of this market, I like anything quirky like that, not sure if a trip to Copenhagen is on the cards but if it ever was I’d definitely give this a look-see!

  8. There’s some fantastic food there by the looks of it. Those cakes look amazing and really tasty!

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