As I have grown older I love to keep hold of special things, I now have a box in my lounge that holds this years special items I want to keep hold of.

Kids lovely drawings, projects, certificates, pictures and tiny little things that in years to come we will all enjoy looking back at them. Then when the year has finished I will put them all together in a folder for that year.

I never use to do this and I now look back and think ‘why did I throw that away’

When it comes to baby things I have kept a keepsake box for T and the twins, it is kept in the loft and their very cute baby things are never seen.

So when I was contacted by eframe to review their custom made frame, I knew that it now was time to get out those baby keepsakes.

First off eframe have a very large selection of frame types and designs. From modern to traditional and everything in between! There was a large selection of colours to choose from, along with different thickness and styles of frames.

You can build your frames to the millimeter, which is fantastic. If you have a picture that is an unusual size or a space in your house that you need to fill but standard size frames don’t fit right these would be perfect for this.

I ordered my custom made frame from the ‘rainbow’ collection which they say are great for children’s bedrooms and areas.

I picked 23mm pink wood frame, there was only one pink style frame to choose from, so it would have been nice to have a softer pink rather than a hot pink but I still was very happy with the colour when they turned up.

Ordering was very easy to do, you can input your size you want down to the millimeter, you can add a mount, then it will calculate the price. Be aware that the price does not include delivery and this is calculated when you choose your sizes and added to the basket.

It was very well packaged and arrived in perfect condition.


Upon opening up I could tell straight away what good quality the frames were. I loved the smooth wood style and the chunky frame, you can see the from the back of the frame how well made they are. The only thing I would say is a backing board was a little too tight and well fitted and was a little tricky to push the clips back over, however this is probably because I was trying to fit a few things in the frame.

eframe-1 eframe-2

I raided the baby keepsake box, which of course took longer than expected as I kept looking at all the cute baby things and the little outfits.

I picked out a few items that fitted in the frame, I lined the insert of the frame with one of the balloons that they got given when they were born, scan photos, little cards that they had their cots in neonatal and a cute little hat they each had to keep warm once they were born.

If you look closely you can see a little snip of their first hair cut.

They have now taken pride of place in their bedroom so we can see these special items everyday and not hidden in the loft.

I now just have to do T’s keepsake frame for his special things, he loved looking at the girls ones and all his little things in the box.

eframe-3 eframe-4

I think these custom made frame is made really well, good quality and great for special pieces. I would love them to now make box frames so I can display their special baby clothes too.

* I was sent two of the custom made frames for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and of my own

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  3. Wow – what an inspiring idea! The frames look amazing but I love what you have put in them… oooh – going to get my thinking cap on now! #loveyourhome

  4. What a lovelyl idea to use the frames to showcase all their little keepsakes Steph ๐Ÿ™‚ #loveyourhome

  5. I’ve been toying with the idea of putting together something like this, getting a custom frame made looks like the way to go – I’ve not found any I liked so far and didn’t even think of doing that!

    Love the way you’ve put yours together, something that can be kept and shown to grandchildren one day too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • All the places I heard that make custom made frames always were really expensive, these are really good value. They have such a huge range too so lots of choice. I really love having the things out on display.

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