It is really important to me to try to save money where we can, being a family of 5 things can get pretty expensive!

I have always tried to teach my kids a few energy saving tips as they have grown up, I think if you teach them to your kids when they are young it will just become second nature, there are ones we are working on more than others!

So I thought I would share a few energy saving tips with you, it may be things you are already doing but could be something you can start teaching your kids to do to.

Energy Saving Tips

Turn off lights when leaving the room – My kids feel the need to turn every light on in every room they are walking through, I do feel like my house can look like Blackpool illuminations at times!


Switch off electrical items at the plug when finished using – With so many electrical gadgets and items it takes ages to go around switching them all off. I try to get them to switch off the plug as soon as they have finished with the item or it has finished charging.


Spend less time in the shower – This one we are working on! My son loves to stand under the shower for ages so I am going to invest in a shower timer to limit his time in there!


Turn off the tap when cleaning teeth – This is one thing my kids are really good at, they will always turn off the water whilst they are brushing their teeth.


Add thermostats to radiators – Best Electric Radiators have a great range of energy efficient electric radiators with digital thermostatic timers on. You can make sure the rooms are not over heating or getting too cold, if they get too cold your need to blast the radiators on for much longer. Older kids can easily adjust the temperature for their own rooms and keep their room at a steady temperature.


Open curtains on sunny winter days to let the warmth of the sunshine into the room –  The sun heat is free so make the most of it!


What are your kids like at energy saving?


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