It is so easy to stick with the same colours and styles when wearing clothes but it’s good to step out of your comfort zone. This is something I really struggle with, and bold colours are so hard for me to go with as I hate people looking at me. I would happily hide behind the children! 

After my rubbish end to 2017 life is too short and can change so very quickly. So I want to try and push myself a little more this year, try new things, get organised and look after myself. I want to treat myself to some new clothes this year too, and when I do treat myself I want to pick something I wouldn’t normally. 

WearAll got in contact with me asking if I wanted to try out some of their items of clothing. I hadn’t heard of WearAll before and my first impression was I was far too old (33!) and not a size 6 so this wouldn’t be any good for me. However I gave it a chance and had a look around. 

I found a Mustard Coat! I have been admiring them from Instagram as they pop up quite often on there, so lets give it a go! 

It is so easy to stick with the same colours and styles when wearing clothes but it's good to step out of your comfort zone. So I picked a outfit from WearAll to try. A mustard coat, black skinny jeans, white polo neck jumper and bodysuit. All about keeping warm! Womens fashion. Mustard coat with black trousers. Womens outdoor fashion.

What do you think? It was scary just wearing it out. I felt like everyone was looking at me and thinking what a twit I looked like. So then I had to have my photo taken in it… I am in my normal place taking photos of other people, not me! 

The mustard coat from WearAll of course wasn’t called that on their website. It’s called Piper Quilted Faux Fur Hooded Puffer Jacket and I was really impressed with the quality of it. It was freezing on the day I wore this but it really kept me warm. 

I loved the furry collar to make you feel all cosy in it. The hood is hidden in here as well. 

I love the gold detailing, I love anything gold at the moment so to have this with the mustard colour fabric is really unusual. It’s usually silver or black on coats, so this is a nice touch. 

I need a coat that has some storage in too. Popping dog stuff in and my phone always needs to be to hand too, these pockets are easily big enough to pop these things in. 

I teamed this mustard coat up with some black high waist skinny jeans,  although these aren’t a thick jean material. I ordered a 12 as I am usually a 10-12 but the material is pretty stretchy and I do like my trousers tight so could have gone down to a size 10.  

Keeping warm is another priority for me too, so layering is a must. I went for a white polo neck jumper in size 12-14 as the other option was 8-10. I am glad I picked this size as this is quite small for its sizing and not very long in length too. 

So to make sure I was extra warm and you couldn’t see my bra through the jumper I picked up a bodysuit in white and size 12-14. I don’t have one of these but I think my Mum would love it, her words would be ‘it tucks in and keeps your kidneys warm’ haha!!!! 

Overall I was really pleased with my outfit from WearAll, now I just need to be brave enough to wear my mustard coat out and be proud to be wearing some colour and not black for a change.

*Commissioned Post  



  1. Love your coat, you look amazing in it! I tend to stick to black or very dark blue colours but I think yellow is actually a really flattering colour!

  2. What a lovely coat. I do Love the colour mustard but I’ve never actually own or worn anything in it. Maybe it’s time I give it a go.

  3. That color is very flattering on you. You wear it well, don’t worry, it’s a keeper. Even though it was cold that day, it looks like it was an absolutely beautiful day. Thanks for sharing. Your Mustard puff is a winner.

  4. I have not heard of wearAll before but loving the mustard faux fur coat, looks really warm and though I rarely wear bold colours I do love the look of this one

  5. That looks so great on you! Mustard is a color I can’t wear at all. Ha! 🙂

  6. I love wearing a punch of colour to cheer up dreary days and your coat really suits you…..not sure I would get away with the colour though

  7. Your outfit is gorgeous! That coat looks fab. I bought a mustard coat just over a year ago as I wanted something that would contrast with my son’s blue winter coat in photos. It’s now my favourite coat of all time. I’m firmly in the mustard coat camp!

    • Ah thank you! Yes we all had navy or black coats….not me anymore! Now my daughter wants a coloured coat!!

    • Thank you, I live in these wellies over the winter and dog walking. They are so comfy

  8. I love mustard! It’s one of my favourite colours. I had a vintage mustard jacket once but it was so old it eventually fell apart

  9. The colour looks so lovely and bright, I love it and you look fab in it. The outfit really suits you overall. I had considered something on wish the other day and then just got too confused by it all!!

  10. Mustard is my favourite colour! It looks great on you should definitely wear more of it. The coat looks so lovely and cosy and perfect for this freezing weather.

    • Thank you! I’m really pleased with it too so maybe I might be brave and wear more mustard colour

  11. It looks fantastic on you. I’m partial to mustard myself and I think brunettes really pull it off well.

    • Ah thank you! I think I am going to give it a go more often too, I think a jumper is calling!!!

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