I don’t like to remind you all, but the summer is starting to come to an end. Although we’re currently having a hot spell! So why don’t you get out in the sunshine and get those garden jobs done over the weekend. I have put together 4 things you could do to get the garden ready for the winter, and ready for summer next year. 

Get Fences Painted 

Nothing beats a fresh coat of paint, it makes everything look lovely, clean, and pretty. At the start of summer we painted all our fences with Johnstones Colours fence paint. Not only did it transform the garden, it protected the fences from the weather. As soon as the paint was on and the first rainfall, you could see the raindrops just sat on the fence paint. Not soaking through at all. They say the paint lasts 4 years, so get the paint on before the winter, and they will be protected for 4 years! 

Summer Flowering Bulbs Planted 

suttons summer bulbs

Start thinking about next summers plants, buying plants when they are younger is the cheapest way to buy plants. I have been planting some summer flower bulbs from Suttons, they will flower next year. So much cheaper, and will be a lovely surprise (as I’ll forget next year!) to get some colour popping up. 

suttons summer bulbsSheds Cleared Out 

You really don’t want to get to next spring and have to face a shed full up of rubbish. Much nicer to clear it out when the weather is warm. Clear out everything you don’t want anymore, make some trips to the dump, get some good storage system going so that you can store things on shelves and in boxes. 

Patios Cleaned 

Patios can get mossy, and green, which then means they get slippery. So give it a good clean up before the winter comes, invest in a *pressure washer, a perfect tool for the job! 

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  1. Sadly I don’t have a garden ( I wish I did) but I had no idea that you would have to plant next summers bulbs already! That is really handy to know!

  2. We have painted the fence and I have cleared the sheds .Not quite ready to pack all the toys away yet though

  3. It’s amazing how painting a fence can brighten up a garden! We’ve just started our prepping for winter, we aren’t sure whether to plant new bulbs or not yet. You’ve planted around your rose really well, would love to read a post on how your paired up your roses… I’ve been undecided at what to plant under mine.

    • I’ve planted some little crocus bulbs under mine, something to pop up early spring! September is a great time to plant your bulbs, and lots are ready to plant then. Suttons website has be filtered down to what can be planted in a certain monnth

  4. Apart from maintenance, what should you do in terms of planting, pruning for winter? We suddenly have a mature garden on our hands and don’t know what to do first!

    • Once things start to stop flowering you can give them a good prune around October time. If you forget like us, then wait till after the winter.

  5. I need to start thinking about this I’m still trying to hang on to that summer feeling in the garden but know I need to start laying the foundations for the winter months..

    • Oh I know I don’t want the summer to end either, but I would prefer to do the jobs in the warm!

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