Do you struggle to stick to a meal plan each week? Do you even have one? If not then I urge you to have a go!

Since I have started to properly meal plan our meals, and plan ahead for what we are going to eat all week, I have saved so much money and not wasted as much food. I only buy what food I need for each meal,  and I have learnt how much we get through each week. I also don’t have that mad panic about what is for dinner each day!

Each week I am going to put together my weekly shop to show you how much it all cost, and what we are eating each week. Hopefully it will give you some ideas for meals, and help you save some extra pennies too. Some weeks I am sure we will be more adventurous than others, and some weeks/days it will be super quick ideas too!

Hubby is the cook in our house, and we are going to start featuring some more recipes on my blog, which I will link to in the meal plans for you.

This Week 

This week I got an online order as we can’t get to Aldi and do our normal shop this week, so it was interesting to do a shop to compare the prices. This total is just for what items are in the picture below, so only includes mostly the items for the meals for the week and a few extra little bits. This was delivered on Wednesday, so I am going to have to go to the shops and do a fresh shop of fruit and lunchbox items. So the total is what we would normal spend in Aldi, but we get everything for the week.

Also I was really disappointed by Sainsburys delivery this time, they are known for delivering me short date food on my meat, sometimes they have even sent me food that has to be used by the next day. This time I had meat that needed to be used within the next couple of days. Which really annoys me! I can pop them in the freezer, but then means I can’t re-freeze it if I want to cook a double batch. I haven’t had any problems at Aldi with the dates on the meat, so another negative to shopping at Sainsburys.

Week 3 – Sainsburys £69.01

Sainsburys grocery haul


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