Life has been a little busy the past few days, we returned from our holiday to Surrey with a new Hearing Dogs puppy!

Meet Berkley (pronounced Barkley)

He arrived on Friday and is such a sweet little chap, he is so gentle and has such a sweet nature.

Please do follow my blog to follow his progress (e-mail subscription down the right hand side bar)

I am going to be putting up some training tips and videos as we progress together through our training.

Remember if you fancy being a puppy socialiser for the Hearing Dogs please do take a look through their information on their website

hearing-dog-berkley hearing-dog-berkley-1 hearing-dog-berkley-2



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  3. Oh my goodness he is adorable! What a wonderful thing to do, my friend just to train Guide Dogs, she would have them for 6 months and train them, I was always sad to see them go x

    • Thanks, he is pretty cute isn’t he! It’s different, you know they are always going to go and I feel so proud of him it is exciting to hear how he gets on and who he is going to be homed with.

    • Thanks! I have been training Rusty who is due to go into training on 17th Oct, he has done fab and I cannot wait to update you all when he passes!

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