On Friday we went to visit Rusty the Hearing Dog, he lived with us for 14 months whilst I did his socialisation and puppy training. This was my first dog with the Hearing Dogs and I loved doing it.

Rusty was such a clever boy and I am very proud of him, he is going to live with his deaf recipient in February, who is a school teacher and has been waiting 5 years to receive her Hearing Dog. He will be going to school each day with her, my kids think this is fantastic!

She has fallen in love with him already and I just know he is going to have such a lovely, fun life with her.


We get invited up to the training centre to visit him and get to see all the sounds and alerts he has learnt since leaving me. He was over the moon to see us, but didn’t quite know what to do with himself!


I have created a video montage of them for you all to see, I know some of you have been following his progress since he came to us when he was 8 weeks old, so this will be lovely for you to see what he has learnt and what he is going to do.

As you can see from the videos he loves doing it, tail is always wagging!



  1. What a wonderful story, just lovely. Would be great to use the photo of all of you in this month’s BritMums Snapshot Round-up. Would you be able to send the photo to me at charlydove@gmail.com before Sunday lunchtime? Charly

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