Today my son started secondary school, how am I old enough to be a Mum to a secondary school child?!

I have had a mixture of emotions and feelings about this day, one part of me is so excited for him to be able to take up more opportunities, spread his wings and try new things. Build his confidence up and start turning into the person he is going to become.

The other part of me has been so scared for him! He isn’t a ‘typical’ boy, although what is a ‘typical boy’? but he isn’t into sports, is small built, an end of July born child and is quite ‘geeky’ (Nothing wrong with a geek, I married a geek!) However he has never been really popular, however never got into many problems at school but never created a large circle of friends.

I really hope that secondary school does him well and he finds himself a little more.

I just want him to be happy with whoever he is.

So onto today, I was a very proud Mummy! He got himself up on time, dressed and ready to go! He stood very proud of himself and confident to start his new adventure, I waved him off feeling super proud he is MINE!

He looks really nervous in these photos, bless him! He was much more relaxed once he met up with his best friend.


It wasn’t only Tyler going off to school, the twins went back today too and went off to year 2 of primary class. It is their last year of primary school before the leave to go to the separate junior school next door. Life is going by too quick!


I love this set of photos of them, they do really love each other so much. We have had such a lovely school holidays together and I am sad for it to come to an end.


I created a little video to mark the day too, I hope you like it!

So there it is, I am a Mummy to a secondary school child and now my world has changed!! Lets see what life brings us over the next few years!!


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