Being able to work from home sounds like a perfect solution to being a working Mum, and yes it is fantastic and has so many bonuses. However it also has it’s downsides, and I am going to chat to you on how I over come those challenges. I have 3 children, so our house isn’t quiet at all! I also have a husband, and we all know a lot of those can’t do anything quietly!! So I do have to work around the noise, and distractions, which can be pretty tricky to switch off to. Having A Space To Work From How I work form home with a family So if possible give yourself a space to work from home at, that might be a spare room or if you don’t have that, then create an area where you can work from. I have my desk in my lounge/dining room so I cannot get away from the noise and distractions. However having my own desk does make me ‘zone’ in on what  I am doing. I use to sit on the sofa with my laptop on my lap, however I have since invested in a desktop computer, desk and this is my space to work from. I can have all my bits and bobs right to hand, and it is a much better sitting position for me too. Cutting Out Noise  How I work form home with a family If you can’t get away from the noise, then try to cut it out. I have found wearing headphones really helped me. I would pop on a ‘instrumental pop covers’ playlist from Spotify, hubby calls it waiting room music, but I find I like the tunes of the songs but it  hasn’t got the words to sing along with. This stops me getting distracted by the music. I was sent some new Sennheiser HD 4.30 Headphones to try out, these are so useful as I can pop my music on and shut out the noise around me! The soft premium leatherette ear pads are comfortable to wear, and will help keep out much of the noise around me, and with exceptional sound I was not disappointed by the quality. How I work form home with a family How I work form home with a family Company  We all need some company, being at home on your own during the day can get lonely. Once I have dropped the children off at school, I take the dog for a nice long walk. This gets me out, exercise and fresh air. I will try to meet up with friends for a walk with them too. I find I am much more focused when I get home, then work really hard to get as much as possible done without the children around. rockfish wellies Organisation  I’ve found that I must stay organised trying to balance family life and work life together, having a desk space means I keep all my bits together and filed away. I have pots for things to go in, and notice boards to keep notes on. I do try to keep the family stuff off my desk, but for some reason the kids think it is a perfect place to place letters from school and rubbish that comes through the door! Maybe I need to come up with a better system for that! If All Else Fails At Home Go out to the coffee shop! Getting out the house sometimes is the only solution, take your laptop, smartphone and grab a coffee and get some work done. You might find you get even more done in a shorter time. Do you have any good ideas that help you work from home around your family? *Commissioned post & Affiliate links  

My top tips on how I work from home with my family and work from home with kids. Top tips on how I achieve this,and ways to make working from home with kids easier

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  1. I have a small desk in the corner of the lounge. It works most of the time, but I can often be found on the sofa with my laptop and headphones in. I do need to invest in some wireless ones though.

  2. Oh I have massive headphone envy – I’ve recently set up a desk space in the corner of our dining room which is obviously not the same as shutting a door in an office.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

    • I love the white ones, so pretty aren’t they! It is good you do have a office space though.

  3. I agree with your tips completely! Especially organisation, I find thats key for me to be able to work from home! xx

  4. Great tips! I work from home too, and often find it super hard to concentrate when my husband and kids are hurtling around the house and generally not being quite. I’ve heard great things about Sennheisers, I think I’ll add them to my amazon wishlist!

    • I wish someone came along and surprised me with my things that are on my Amazon wishlist!

  5. This is a great post. Working from home is so hard if you try do it on the sofa with peppa pig on the tv and the kids running riot! Our house I should too small for me to have an office space but locking myself in my bedroom on the weekend is a good alternative! X

    • That sounds like a good plan! However how many times do they come knocking on the door to get in?!

  6. I don’t know if working from home would be for me. I think I would get lonely. Good tips though. I do need to get out more to get some blog inspiration. The day to day life the old same story doesn’t help.

    • I would be no good as a daily vlogger, people would soon get bored of me sat at the computer!

  7. So interesting reading how you balance it all. I will be working from home soon so I’ll have to remember these tips xxx

  8. I think giving yourself a dedicated space to work from is SO important, i find it keeps me motivated and helps me to have a much more productive day!

    • I didn’t think it would help me so much, but I work so much better with my own space

  9. I have those earphones, and they were perfect while I was studying as a student! Now that I’m transitioning to working from home, I know they’re going to come in handy just as much.

    • It shuts out so much background noise, I can’t concentrate with the kids voices around me!

  10. Your set up looks fab 🙂 I’m constantly trying to find the end on sellotape rolls for the latest art and craft project, or write a post whilst teaching long division!! I think I’m a few years off being undisturbed for even 2 minutes!!

    • I do great blogging as much as you do with 3 kiddies around you so much! I can’t concentrate on more than 1 thing at a time!!

    • I dream of a room to myself! It would be so fun to design and have all my bits and bobs left alone and looking nice!

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