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How to Pick the Perfect Sneakers for Your Next Trip Abroad

Picking the right shoes for any activity needs to be well-thought out, but when it comes to going on a trip abroad, much more thought needs to be given. Not only will you have limited packing space, but you also need something that is going to be both comfortable and stylish for the time you are away.

Here are some of the things worth considering to help you find the right pair of sneakers for your trip.

Pay That Little Bit More

When it comes to picking the perfect sneakers, you’re going to want something comfortable and durable. You could go out and spend a few bucks on something cheap, but that could essentially end up costing you more if they quickly break and you’re desperate for a new pair, or they’re so uncomfortable you’re crying as you walk the streets of Paris. Take a look at what’s trending amongst some of the most popular designers right now. For example, SSENSE has a great selection of Gucci sneakers for those wanting to spend that little bit extra on something that is trendy but will last. They also provide a cheaper designer range of sneakers, which is ideal for those on a smaller budget.

Invest in the Right Socks

This is one of the tips that most people overlook when investing in new sneakers: they forget to buy new socks. This isn’t a crucial tip to ensure you get the right sneakers for your adventure, but it’s certainly one worth considering. A pair of sneakers is only as comfortable as the socks you wear. A lot of people now wear sneakers without socks because of the current sockless trend. However, even trainer socks are a good idea for those still wanting to keep up with the times. The right socks will keep your feet comfortable and it’s an effective way to keep the internal walls of any sneaker clean and hygienic.

Don’t Start Wearing Your New Sneakers at the Start of Your Journey

Many travellers first wear their new sneakers on the day they’re heading to catch their flight and later regret it because they aren’t as comfortable as they were when they were tried on in the store. It’s a wise move to break in your new sneakers to get a feel for them before you leave. You don’t necessarily have to wear them out every day and risk ruining them before you leave – just simply wearing them around the house will give you enough time to break them in nicely. Plenty of consumers purchase sneakers in-store one day and then start wearing them for a few hours the next, only to end up with sore feet and a pair of sneakers that don’t really match the shape/size of their feet. This is why it’s a good idea to break them in a bit before you leave for your trip, just so you can exchange them if need be.

Comfort Over Style

There’s nothing wrong with a comfortable pair of sneakers with good style, but you really should decide on what’s more important – your vacation, or the way your feet look while you’re there. Ugly sneakers can still be avoided of course, but you should really be more interested in the comfort and fit, especially if you’re going to need your sneakers to be up for a bit of a challenge. Most sneakers on the market generally look good on any feet anyway, but if something fits your feet perfectly and you’re happy with the comfort –go for those over the latest fashion.

Choose the Right Sneaker Type

Just because you will be spending most of your time in public areas using public footpaths and highways, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider a good hiking shoe to help you on your way. Many travellers overlook hiking shoes because of their style and the simple fact that they’ll not be hiking up trails or mountain faces during their trip. Always think of the activities you’ll be conducting while you’re away just to determine what the best type of shoe is for comfort and durability. If you are planning on doing more than general sightseeing, you may want to invest in an additional pair of shoes that will be suitable for the terrain.

Buy Two Pairs

If you really can’t decide on a new pair of sneakers for your next adventure, invest in two pairs if that’s possible, making sure that the cost doesn’t strain your budget or put you over any baggage limits on flights. Having access to a couple of pairs of sneakers while you’re travelling will improve comfort levels and put less of a challenge on your new sneakers to last throughout the duration of your trip.  You could also invest in a high priced fashionable pair, and a more comfortable daytime pair if you choose to go down this route.

Picking the perfect sneakers for your next trip abroad doesn’t have to be difficult. Keep the above tips in mind and you won’t go far wrong.

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