So as 2017 is coming to a close I cannot believe it. This year has flown by but I am well and truly ready for 2018. The last 5 months of 2017 have been pretty hard on us as a family, after my emergency back operation life was thrown up in the air and we just had to get on with it. I am still recovering and trying to get everything done for Christmas has been hard going. However as much as it was hard, we also have to be very lucky that I am fine too. 2017 could have taken a very different turn. 

So this makes achieving this project even more rewarding. 

I have now uploaded and taken a photo a day every day to Instagram for 3 years running! That is 1096 pictures (leap year including!) of our little life. Some days the photos have been terrible, some days I feel like giving up as it is hard work to remember. Although I have stuck with it and it has become something I just now do daily and have got into a routine of it. I did have to lump 4 photos into one when I got admitted, but I still took a photo each day!!

So I thought I would show you the photobook that I created with all the pictures from 2016, and see if it is something you want to take part in too. Digital cameras and phones means we take so many more photos, but we don’t print them out. Creating this book has made me print them and now we can all enjoy the pictures for years to come. 

The same as last years book Project 365 I created it from PhotoBox, it is a fantastic company and the quality is brilliant. Last years photobook was made from a more flimsy paper, still good quality but I thought I would pay extra to get a better quality paper so that it was more hard wearing over the years. It was defiantly worth it. 

I also made sure that I kept all my photos as squares. Uploading into Instagram each day does make you keep it as a square but I still had to make sure I didn’t cut anyones head off or something! 

Next years task is to keep track of my daily pictures, upload them onto my hard drive monthly and in order so that I can just dump them into PhotoBox and create the photobook so much easier and quicker!! 

So what do you think of the photobook? Is it something you think you could do? I would love it if more people took part as it is so nice to have these memories. 

My Top Tips For Taking Part In The Project 365 

  • Get in the habit of taking photos during the day, take more than one and choose which one you like most in the evening and upload. 
  • Create a uploading routine, I do it once I sit down in the evening 
  • Keep all pictures the same size as it makes the photobook much neater 
  • Sort images into a folder and in order on a regular basis 
  • Keep going, you will find it super hard to take a photo a day and remember but you soon will get in the habit. Once you have done a year and have your photobook to look at you will love doing it. 
  • It doesn’t matter if the picture isn’t perfect, its your life and you want to remember those moments 

*I received a PhotoBox credit for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and of my own. I love this project! 

We take so many photos but we never print them. How about taking a photo every day for a year and then putting them all together! A great way of keeping memories and photos of the family. The project 365 challenge is a great way to create family memories and enjoy them together.




  1. I love how you’ve kept up the tradition of doing Project 365 🙂 Your photobook is lovely Steph, and will be something you can look back on in years to come x

    • Thank you, I’m onto my 3rd year now!! Scary but so lovely having those pictures too

  2. I honestly adore your commitment to this project and love a good photobook! I’m not sure I’m as dedicated as you – but I’d love to do a weekly blog update! x

    • Ah thanks, I have surprised myself on how well I keep up with it for so many days now!! I adore the book so that does keep me going.

    • Go for it! It is a great achievement to do when you get to the end of the year!

  3. Such a great idea to put all the pictures into a book. I stopped doing it this year as have done it for 4 years previously but miss it so am going to restart it for 2018

  4. I admire that you have uploaded photos to Instagram every day for three years! What an impressive way to document all your memories x

  5. I am in awe of your commitment, I wish I could say the same. Maybe you will be my inspiration to do the same with Instagram for 2018! Glad to hear you are still doing well with your back. Hope you all have a great Christmas.

    • It’s really hard but I love it when I get my book together at the end of the year, give it a go you might find you get into it easily

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