Are you always stuck for ideas on what kids books you could suggest for them to read? Or just looking for new ideas?

If so take a read, as I am putting together a little monthly series on what books my kids are reading, and which books they love. This maybe ones they have picked up in the library, reading from school, ones we already have or gifts. Either way we it will be a great selection.

My kids are aged 7-12 yrs, but I don’t make them read a certain age group of books, I allow and think it is very important that they can pick up any book they want, as long as they are reading and enjoying it. That is all that matters.

I have left the reviews to be written mostly by my kids, they can give you a great idea on the book and they also love the idea that they are contributing to my blog with me too.

Kids Books We Love This Month

*Dear Zoo – I use to read this when I was a little girl, then my son, and my twins. Dear Zoo is such a wonderful little story, and it is celebrating 35 years this year! We were sent a beautiful hard back version to read, and still at aged 7 they love this little story. My best friend is pregnant, and my little girl said to me I want to give this special book to her baby *love* to keep, so that it can carry on being enjoyed by more people than us Mummy’

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo

Lily 7yrs – It was listening to it., and I loved being able to open the flaps to show the different animals, they were FANTASTIC.

I recommend it to 6 months to 7 and 8yrs. It was a surprise to see some of the animals because they were hiding under the flaps, and will the person ever get the right pet?

*Annies Grannies – In Decorating Disaster – Any story that is funny, and make my girls laugh will be loved! Annies Grannies is a great story about 2 grannies that take on a decorating project……..well as you can see it doesn’t quite go to plan!

Annies Grannies Book

Sofia 7yrs – I think that  Annie’s  grannies  is a really good book. I think that this book is a good book for people 6 to 12 years old. It is a very funny when the paint spills and when the pug comes in. Will it go right?

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book

Tyler 12 yrs – The book I have been reading this month is a new part in the Harry Potter series ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed child’. I have had great fun reading this and I didn’t stop reading it till I had finished it, my Mum was surprised! It was a great read as I am a big Harry Potter fan It was nice to see a new book in the series (Theorists might have seen it coming but I didn’t!) and I have heard they are making the book into a film too!

I won’t give much away but it’s based on Harry Potters second son Albus Severus Dumbledore Potter, yes that is his full name! Let’s just say there is many misunderstandings between Harry and his son.
Overall it’s an amazing read I would definitely recommend it.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Double Down 

diary of a whimpy kid double down

Tyler 12 yrs – At Christmas I had been given lots of new books to read and one of them is the new Diary Of a Wimpy Kid Book Double Down (By Jeff Kinney). Greg decides to make a film and his problems start to pile up. I think it’s a really good book for ages 8-13 as its funny and Greg is like lots of other kids at his age.

Its starts off with his Mum trying to stop him from play video games so much and to become creative but as you will see that does not always go to plan!

Overall it only took me about 2 hour to read so it is an amazing book for kids to just pick up to read at home or travelling. I would definitely recommend all of The Diary Of The Wimpy kid books to any kid. 

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    • Lots of kids love that one, they just need to find the book that they love and their off!

  1. Lovely books 🙂 Our little lady has just finished all the Harry Potter’s including the new last one. I was a bit worried the fact it was written as a script would challenge her too far, but she seemed to get the idea of how to read it. She is so hooked the new school she’s at are buying the first three in for her to read again, as those are the ones we don’t have!!

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