Being an adult has its highs and lows…..but how exciting we have a new Lidl store opening near us!!!! Lidl Whiteley opened on 31st January  2019 and I was super happy! 

Having a Lidl opening up that is only an 8-minute drive away was great for us, and as Lidl Whiteley is just off the motorway, it’s super easy to get to and find. 

I think the car park is a good size, but we visited on a Monday afternoon. I do wonder if it would be pretty full up on a weekend though. There are some fantastic Parent and Child Bays right near the entrance which are great as they are near the trolley park too. 

Don’t forget a trolley coin for the trolleys! There was plenty of differently sized trolleys, with different ones for different needs like baby car seats and wheelchair ones. 

Inside is light and airy, I do love the new Lidl stores as they don’t feel squeezed in and small. The day we visited there was a lot of empty boxes in the fresh food area, but the next time we visited this was much better and much tidier. 

Lidl at Whiteley has a bakery too which is so tempting as you first walk through the door! Also, top tip try their flowers, I have often purchased some from Lidl and they are always so fresh. Even the ones for outdoors in the garden have flourished well. 

If you haven’t visited Lidl before it is well worth trying it out. There are so many items that are their own brand which are so tasty. There aren’t many items that I’m not keen on, or can even tell the difference in taste! But you soon learn what items you love and don’t love.

We’re a family of five and I reckon we save about £20 a week shopping at Lidl, so I am so pleased we now have Lidl Whiteley to visit each week easily. That’s a big saving and one we would be quite happy with! 

People often joke about the tills at Lidl and I have always found that they have really short runoffs after they’ve scanned the items. Not Lidl at Whiteley, they have rollers so the items roll down the till towards you. This is much easier to get packed quickly and keep up with their scanning! 

Lidl Whiteley Current Opening Hours

  • Mon – Fri 08:00-22:00
  • Sat 08:00 – 20:00
  • Sun 11:00-17:00

Lidl Whiteley is located off the first roundabout when you head towards Whiteley from the M27, Google Maps

Do you shop at Lidl? If so what’s your favourite item? 



  1. I love Lidl and Aldi, we save so much money shopping there! This new store sounds fab xx

    • They never tell you that when you become an adult you will be excited about what a shop sells!!

  2. We don’t have Lidl where we live here in Shetland, but I’ve heard great things about them. I’m pretty sure you can get Shetland Reel Gin in them too – which is pretty cool 🙂

  3. Gotta love Lidl! I’m from Germany, and I besides saving money, I also love that I can get some ‘home’ products at UK Lidl, e.g. decent gherkins!

  4. Ah who doesn’t like a Lidl! We’ve shopped at ours for years now (before I became trendy to!) … I am tending to think that their prices have been sneaking up over the last few month though – so I’ve got my eye on that.

    • I’ve taken a while to get on the Lidl bandwagon! Yeah maybe the prices are going up, but I do think prices are going up everywhere too

  5. This will be so good for you guys. our shopping bill was such more less at lidl, but yes I did nearly have panic attacks at the speed at which I had to try and pack everything up!

    • I know adult life is so exciting isn’t it!!! I have to try and ignore the bakery so hard when I go in there!!

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