After we had been for a cream tea at Hinam Farm we took a trip to Tarr Steps which has a clapper bridge across the River Barle in the Exmoor National Park. The bridge possibly dates to around 1000 BC. The stone slabs weigh up to 1-2ย tons apiece and according to local legend, they were placed by the devil to win a bet.

This is such a lovely place to visit and the children had a lovely time climbing around on them. We didn’t spend much time here but I would love to go back and spend longer there, the children can paddle in the river and there are some lovely walks around.

The kids also find it very funny to watch the Land Rovers driving through it too!

Tarr Steps

Liscombe Farm Ice Cream Parlour is just at the top of the hill from here and has not long been open, so we took a visit to see what they had to offer. My Sister had heard some nice things about Liscombe Farm!

When we arrived we were greeted by a beautiful cow! Now I am not one for thinking cows are beautiful but this one was, such a lovely face and long eyebrows! It was tricky to get a photo of them as they were so excited to go into the milking machine.

liscombe farm

The unique feature of Liscombe Farm is that it shows off the modern day milking techniques that they are using, but it isn’t hidden away and your just told about. They show it happening right in front of you!

Liscombe Farm

All the cows have an electronic tag around their neck, they can walk freely into the robot as and when they want to, the robot knows if the cow has been milked that day or not. If it hasn’t then the gate shuts and some cow food called ‘cake’ gets feed to them whilst the robot starts up.

First off the robot checks the cows udders for any cuts, if it finds any it will set off an alarm to alert the owners of this.

It cleans the udders and then attached to the udders to start milking the cow.

We all thought this was fascinating to watch and then the cheeky cows that would walk through to try to get some ‘cake’ but they have already been milked so they have to carry on walking through!!

Once they have collected the milk, it can be processed and turned into the yummy ice cream that they sell in the shop.

There was lots of choose from…..

Liscombe Farm

Reasonably priced and different options available.

Liscombe Farm

There is a good range of seating, inside and out.

Liscombe Farm Liscombe Farm

If your around Exmoor then do pop in Liscombe Farm Ice Cream Parlour, you won’t be disappointed. The ice cream is very very yummy and the children love being able to watch the cow being milked.

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