It is moments like today that I remember why we love living on the South coast.

On a Monday the girls don’t start school until 12:30pm, hubby is around too so we took a quick trip to the beach, it is a pebble beach but even so it is the beach!

Picnic lunch prepared, picnic rug in the car and off we went!

It was only a quick little lunch before pre-school but the girls loved it, sitting there in the sunshine watching the boats going by and people paddling in the water. I love this part of the beach, it is down near Titchfield Haven and when the tide is out like it was today it leaves little pools of water. Great for taking a fishing net down and letting the kids explore, we found a crab here once, S said ‘Oh mummy I don’t like the crabs little pinchy fingers!’


I have always lived on the South coast but Hubby use to live in Wiltshire, we did have a short 6 months living in Wiltshire together but it didn’t last very long. We both knew we wanted to have easy access to the beach but we are also close to shops, countryside and places to visit. We have the New Forest within 45 mins drive as well, so for us it is perfect.

We find it is great for days out or just to pop to the beach for lunch!


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