For Father’s Day this year I wanted to give hubby something thoughtful and something that would make him smile.

He is such a great daddy and loves his children so much.

He would do anything for them, they are his world.

You can tell from this picture that they all adore him.

fathers day

I wanted to get a picture of all 3 children together for once, harder task than you may first think!

They needed to be all looking the same way, all smiling, feet lined up and pointing in the air…why you ask?

To capture this picture…….

fathers day gift

The kids thought it was very funny that mummy didn’t use a washable pen and it was a little tricky to get the pen off afterwards!

Hubby loves it and so do I.

We popped it in a photo frame and it is now sitting on his bedside table. I think this has made a great dad photo gift for him for Fathers Day but this could be used at any time. Even just a gift from the children to say we love you.



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