Over the Easter holidays, my girls tried out a new toy called Moj Moj. They’re little collectable toys that are hidden with blind packs so you don’t know what one you’re getting. I don’t know about your kids but mine love toys like this! The build-up of not knowing what’s inside the pack and what one their going to get! 

We received some packs to see what we thought of them. I must admit I had never heard of them before but after a quick look online with my girls they were very keen to try them out! 

They were easy to open and Lily loved the surprise of what was inside! 

Inside each little pack is your Moj Moj toy and a chart of all the different collectables. This is where you can tick off the ones you’ve collected. 

Lily really enjoyed finding them then ticking off each one shes found. She was over the moon when she spotted that she had opened up a ultra rare one!

They’re small enough to fit in their hands, squishy and can be easily pulled around. These tiny ones are quite sticky which does collect the fluff and they aren’t too strong either.

Next to open was the larger Moj Moj toys, they each come in a plastic box with a hidden Moj Moj. 

Each Moj Moj has a little box to live in which has a paper lining that transforms it into a little house that suits each Moj Moj. 

Each one felt different inside like one had polystyrene balls inside it! These felt much more hard wearing than the smaller ones and they seemed to hold my girl’s attention more. They got taken out on walks and were great as a little fidget toy. 

There is 150+ from all the different Moj Moj ranges, so there are plenty of them to collect and trade with your friends! 



  1. These look very sweet. My little girl loves little toys, especially if they come in a blind bag.

  2. Alexandra Cook Reply

    Oh my, This is so fun and adorable toys. My girls would be so happy to have this. I’ll be checking this out now.

  3. Melanie williams Reply

    These are super cute toys. I would to gift these to my friends kids for sure xx

  4. I’ve not seen those bigger Moj Moj’s before, they look very cute. We had a load of them last year and they went down a treat with mine. They feel good don’t they 🙂

  5. These look great! Will make sure I show my Sister this post as her daughter would love them!

    • Yeah their perfect for collecting setting up little stories with their collection

  6. Oh my, my three would love these. They adore collecting the shopkins so I am sure these would soon be a favourite. We will have to keep an eye out for them over here!!

  7. Oh these are so sweet! My kids go crazy for these collectible toys, the smaller the better! The only down side is I find them everywhere!

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