Today we visited the new adventure playground at Royal Victoria Country Park

My children have been looking forward to this as they have been watching the new play area being built over the months and have been eagerly waiting for it to be finished!

Each time we have visited they have been looking through the metal fencing asking ‘is it nearly ready’

Well today it was!

This adventure playground is a fantastic new space, they have done an amazing job on it and this is going to be a favorite place to come many many times.

It is a large open space set in the trees, with ramps, drums, mazes, slides, zip wire, climbing wall and much more.


The kids can run, jump, climb


They can swing and slide


Everything a child wants to do.


I have 3 children aged 5-10 years and they all loved it. As my oldest son is now 10 years old and getting bigger some of the parks are now becoming too small for him and I am becoming aware that he is too much for some of the smaller ones. This park doesn’t make me feel like this, he can run around but has the space to do so. The ramps are large enough to pass easily and there are lots of hidden places they can hide and run around in.

However it also isn’t too large for my smaller kids, they were able to do everything there.

This park is going to be a big hit with people, you only had to listen to people’s reactions when they walked around the corner and saw it!

Well done Royal Victoria Country Park, thank you for creating a fantastic space for kids to enjoy the outside and for just to be kids.

L guided us through the park!



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  1. This looks fab, we’ll definitely be visiting this summer as we’re not too far away! Thanks for sharing on FunForFamilies!

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