We visited Camp Bestival 2015 for the first time, we only did a day visit as we had never been before so we thought it would be best to go and see what it is all about! We visited with a group of friends who had never been before either. IMG_20150802_200912

We knew it was going to be big, but I didn’t expect to miss a whole field out and miss loads of things that I wanted to do! We arrived at 9am when the gates opened and quickly got through the entrance. The gates bring you straight into the camping section and at that time everyone is getting themselves washed and ready for their day! It was quite cool seeing all the different types of tents and see what type of experience it would be. We love the Camp Bestival sign, it is huge and the kids had a great time climbing in and out of it.


As we had such an early start the kids were already getting hungry so we walked through this field to bring us out into the Castle Field which had the large main stage in and the beautiful castle.

camp-bestival-castle-stage camp-bestival-castle

So we set up a picnic blanket in front of the stage as some people were turning up, so I thought that something must be on soon….1hr 15minutes later after lots of food and face painting (by me) it was PACKED and Cat in the Hat started!

camp-bestival-zebra lily-facepaint camp-bestival-cat

I honestly thought I had drugged whilst watching this!!!!! But if you have read the books you would understand why I felt like that but the kids enjoyed it. Lily was mesmerised!! There are lots of different places to explore at Camp Bestival, you really need more than one day to do it. Or at least a plan of action on what parts you really want to do. We found the science tent, where they were shown how to make a rocket, then they could set it up and use compressed air to shoot it up in the air and see how well it could fly! They did great and they loved watching them fly off over the tent roof!


Later on in the day they got to wear wireless headphones that told them a story, they had to make a trip to Mars and act out the story. This was a great idea which they all really enjoyed doing, and unless you had the headphones on you wondered what was going on!


There were circus skills areas, craft areas, dancing areas, parades, show tents and so much more. Please watch my video to see lots more things we got up to. Hubby has always wanted to be a farmer!

camp-bestival-cow camp-bestival-steps

Beautiful traditional fairground rides


FOOD everywhere! Which as every festival it is so expensive, as we were only going for the day we just took snacks and bought food. However I did not expect to wait 1hr 20mins for a pizza, people were not happy. I wouldn’t go for the pizza again. We had yummy ice creams, burgers and milk shakes…..hubby’s ‘Chocolate Hobnob’ did make us giggle!


We finished off the day by watching the bands Level 42 and Kaiser Chiefs


Glow sticks!


Kaiser Chiefs


This picture of us crazy lot sums up the day!!!


The castle looked beautiful in the evening, I would have loved to seen the fireworks on a Sunday night as they shoot them out the castle to music. It looks fab!


We had a great day, gutted we missed out on so much and didn’t get so see loads. They ran out of programmes so we had no way of knowing what was on what stage, or what was playing in what tent. We had no map so no idea that we missed a whole field out! This really needs to be changed for next year.

I think we might do a Camp Bestival day trip again next year and do the Sunday so we can see the firework display. We don’t own a tent so would need to hire one which then pushes the price up soooo much. This time we know what to expect and what is there. We would plan so much more, look at what was on in each different tent and explore much more.


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  1. I have been reading lots of Camp Bestival posts and I REALLY want to go next year! I didn’t know you could go for just the day! There does seem like so much to do – love the idea of a science tent and my kids would love the wireless headphones. Thanks for linking to #traveltales

    • It was super good fun! We wanted to go for the day to see what we thought of it, I don’t really do camping! There is too much for the day to do, however if we don’t go for the weekend were do another day trip but do the Sunday, plan lots and make sure we do all the things we want to see and watch the fireworks!

  2. I cannot believe that ran out of programmes – what a nightmare. I wanted a hoody and they ran out of those too. Hopefully next weekend you can make a full day of it!

  3. Sounds and looks like you had a great day! We went for the first time this year (camped for the weekend) and missed loads! An excuse to go back next year I think πŸ˜€

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