At school my girls have been finding out all about pirates!

So start the term off they had a visitor…..a real life parrot!

All the children came home bursting to tell us about the parrot, also came home saying we needed to make a pirate outfit for an end of year assembly.

Well I needed to make two!

So I sat down with the girls to pick out what they wanted, we looked through Pinterest together and found tutu’s!

They loved them, so off I went to order the things we needed to make them, I tried to get them to agree to different colours but they wanted the same.

If you don’t know how to make a tutu it is very easy and you can easily find instructions online to show you.

I already had a white linen shirt, leggings and shoes.

I ordered the croquet hair bands from ebay, one for the waist and one for the hair band.

The Tulle you can get from Amazon in lots of different colours.

We choose red and black for the tutu and then just one colour for the hair band, then the teachers could tell them apart!!

My girls loved their finished tutu’s


They needed a sword too! We designed one using cardboard cut outs and then let the girls colour them in how they wanted.


They looked great in their assembly, I can’t show you any photos of that as school do not allow us to socially share in school photos.



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