We’re not very good when it comes to safety around the house when we do DIY, often Kev jumps in and just gets on with the job, and it’s me shouting out to be careful and don’t lay that there or make sure you’re wearing your protective goggles! The one type of safety gear that I didn’t think of was safety shoes to protect his toes. So today I am handing the blog over to Airtox who are specialist in safety shoes, but not the heavy uncomfortable ones that I would have imagined. Ones that are lightweight, cool design and not at all boring. These would be perfect for our house renovations and keeping Kev’s toes safe!

Safety Shoes When Renovating A House

Why are we often considering safety shoes a specific piece of clothing reserved only for professional usage?

It’s probably a matter of habits. They are surely originally intended for work purposes and to protect people who have to deal with hazards in their workplace, but the truth is that they can save our feet during home renovations and restorations.

Safety footwear brands are aware of it and are moving in this direction: safety shoes from Airtox, for example, are strongly focusing on lightweight properties and cool design to recreate the feeling of a nice, stylish sneaker rather than the classical boring work shoe.

But what properties make them so helpful for every person who has to deal with works at home?

Protection from falling objects

We all experienced the annoying feeling of something falling on our feet.

When renovating, the risk gets, of course, higher and the possibility of seriously hurting your toes and damaging your shoes is real: any sharp, blunt or heavy object is a threat and even apparently harmless stuff can represent a potential danger.

Toe cap protection is the very first and basic requirement which shoes need to be classified as safety footwear.

What I like about Airtox models is that they are really focusing on a low profile and lightweight toe caps which in most cases are almost not noticeable at all. This way you have the needed protection while feeling like you are wearing a pair of normal sneakers.

Barrier from objects on the floor

Working surfaces and floors can literally be minefields. Think about how many things you could step on while renovating: nails, glass, sharp items, cutting tools…

Safety shoes often come with the so called anti-penetration layer, a strong midsole which totally protects your feet from the hazards coming from the ground. The latest models from Airtox include what they called Whitelayer, which was even tested by the US military on bulletproof garments and which basically sets high standards of protection while keeping the weight as light as possible.

Stability on slippery surfaces and wet environments

Slippery surfaces and wet environments represent another common threat during a renovation.

The anti-slip properties come really handy and let you focus on your work while totally forgetting about needing to balance on a risky surface.

Waterproof safety footwear instead is great when you have to work in very wet conditions, helping you to keep your feet warm and dry all the time.

Choose to be safe while renovating

Safety shoes can make your life easier and less dangerous by protecting your feet from the many hazards which you can expect during a home renovation.

There are plenty of models to choose from and it’s mainly a matter of preference: you can either look for a shoe which satisfies your current needs or go directly for one which includes all the main protection properties so that you have something ready for your future works.

Last but not least, having the chance to buy a couple of work shoes which can actually look like a pair of normal, trendy sneakers is just great, feeling like adding a new pair of shoes to your collection. Safe and cool at the same time, isn’t it great?

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