Shawford Down was an easy to find walk for us, we wanted somewhere out in the open but a short walk just to get out for some fresh air. Shawford Down was perfect for this. 

There is a large sign on the entrance, but when we visited the car park down the bottom was shut and people were parking along the limited spaces along the track to this. 

We parked in the station car park as it was a Sunday and you can do so on this day. 

There are plenty of walks from this spot, and you can take a look at the large map near the entrance. 

We just wanted a small circular walk, and just went around the purple marked paths on the map. 

Go through the gate and turn left to take you up the hill. 

With the memorial cross on your right-hand side. 

The views up here are brilliant and you can see quite far across the hills. 

It would be a good place to have a picnic or take a little walk with the kids or dog. 

It’s pretty peaceful up here, apart from the sound of the very close M3 motorway!! 

There aren’t really any directions to give you as we just walked around the large open area to stretch everyone’s legs and grab some fresh air. 

Shawford Down Short Walk 

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  1. You can not beat getting out for some fresh air. We are lucky that there are many walks near us. I like how the council has put up some suggested routes very helpful for people out of area.

    • Yes it is for people who aren’t local, nice to show people routes that they are unfamiliar with

    • Yes and these type of places aren’t usually on easy to access routes either are they, shame as it stops people being able to enjoy them

  2. Melanie williams Reply

    I love this, it reminds me of a similar walk that we do near ours. I love that the village has a notice board these are always really useful to find out what’s going on x


    I’m looking for lovely places like this to go walking. Now the weather is warmer it’s nice to get out in the fresh air for a few hours.

    • Theres lots of little walks hidden around us that we don’t even know they are there

  4. What a beautiful walk! We are so lucky to be blessed with gorgeous countryside walks like these aren’t we? It looks so nice and peaceful there.

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