Some weekends are full of jobs that need doing or things going on, but we still want to get out for a walk together. We are very lucky that a short drive away we are right out in the countryside. This opens us up to some lovely peaceful walks. 

Upham is perfect for this, with a short circular walk In Upham Hampshire to do with a lovely park at the start and end for the kids to play in. 

You want to get directions for Upham Hampshire and head for the recreation ground. Here you will find the large play area which my kids love 

You can park here for free and start your walk. There are so many footpaths from here that you can take but we are going to to the one back out onto the road. 

As you leave the car park with it behind you, head down the road to the right. You will come along this view on your left! 

Keep going down the hill and you will see a little path on the left-hand side, take this.

This takes you into the woods where you can follow the path along. 

With some lovely views to take in too! 

There is a little path into some more woods on the left-hand side at the bottom of the hill. Take this path into some more woods!

Watch out for the Pheasants if you have a dog with you, I have seen quite a few around here!

Keep following this path straight along through the woods. You will get to a T Junction at the end, turn right for a walk through the fields more. Following the footpath signs, where you can just do a turnaround and come back onto this path if you fancy a longer walk. 

However turn left at the T Junction and you will walk into a field, keep an eye out for deers an animals around here. We spotted 3 deers. 

Follow the field line along the edge until you meet a stile on the right hand side. There is usually horses in this field so be aware. The stile even has a little dog door for them to go under! 

Over this, through the horses field and head to the other stile over the other side. 

This then takes you out onto the road that you took when you arrived. Turn left and you will see the roundabout and car park entrance. 

So this is a lovely little short circular walk In Upham which is perfect for kids. It’s a nice walk to be able to do, with a play in the park and some picnic tables too. 



    • Cute little village but not far from the busier areas too, perfect for us for a little walk

  1. What a lovely walk. So picturesque. I feel so lucky to be able to experience such beautiful places. I always feel so tranquil when I’m out on walks like this – unless the kids are whining that is 😉

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