Singing in the shower? Why am I chatting about singing in the shower, and who even does that……?! Well I know a few little culprits in my house that do. So I thought I would let them indulge in that little weakness, because it is pretty cute when they are singing away to themselves, thinking that no one can hear them, ‘Sorry Neighbours’  

So when Mira showers got in contact with me asking if we would like to try out one of their new showers, I thought I would have a look and see what they had. When I spotted the *Mira Atom Mixer Shower With Moxie Bluetooth speaker INSIDE the shower head I knew it had to be this one! 

Not only did it have the Bluetooth speaker, it had it inside a waterfall head, which I had always wanted one of these. However when we originally had our shower fitted we couldn’t find one that fitted in the space we had. Mira have all the measurements on their website for each shower, so you can easily make sure it does fit your space. 

After arranging for a plumber to fit this, it was a fight at who got in the shower first!! The kids were so excited to be able to have a shower with music coming through the head of the shower. 

It easily connects through Bluetooth to your device, I have Spotify on my mobile, and so does my son. This connects well, the phone can be easily placed outside of the bathroom, and it still connects. It starts to lose connection as I walked to the other side of the house.  

The Bluetooth is a separate device, that is charged up by USB, and lasts up to 7 hours. So plenty of showering time! I have this a great gadget to set showering time. This helps saves on water, as I can say to my kids, ‘you have 2 songs to get showered within’. It works brilliant! 

I also thought it would be good for people who want to catch up with podcasts, as they can listen whilst showering too, multitasking! 

Check out the video of it working! 

With 2 shower heads, a waterfall overhead and a separate handheld shower head, you can choose which one you prefer. If you don’t need to wash your hair that day, I recommend the handheld one. You can’t escape the waterfall one when you’re in there! The handheld one can be removed, it does have a hole to slide it through to stop the shower cable flapping around, but this would restrict it too much for me, as I want to use it to wash the shower out after cleaning it. The cable has a plastic covering over it, which I think is a great design. It stops the limescale building up in the gaps, and much easier to clean. 

Mira have thought about safety with the Mira Atom Mixer shower, as they have a Maximum temperature stop for added safety, and also a Cold Shield to ensure the valve doesn’t get too hot during showering. Which reassures me with the kids being in the shower on their own.  

We are super pleased with this shower, we only have a shower in our bathroom as we got ride of the bath when we renovated it. Being a small bathroom, and the only one, we need it to perform well for 5 people. I think the Mira Atom Mixer shower is going to serve us very well, and have some great moments listening to the kids singing along in the shower! 

*Affiliate links. We were sent the Mira Atom Mixer shower for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and of my own. 

Who loves singing in the shower?! Well now you can properly, with the Mira Atom Mixer Shower with Moxie Bluetooth speaker. We can now all sing in the shower, and it looks super nice too with its waterfall shower head and additional handheld shower head too. Great shower





  1. Love this idea. We have a bathroom mirror with a bluetooth speaker and its the best thing we have ever bought

  2. I love this! I am sure my neighbours would hate it though as they have already commented on hearing my singing. Cringe!

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