I had to write about this on the blog don’t I! We had snow, we hardly ever get snow in the UK but sometimes the UK will get it, but here in Southampton we don’t seem to get it. We finally we did this year, Wahoo! 

Thursday 1st March was World Book Day and we had put lots of effort in to the kids costumes but school was closed! It was a snow day, the kids had been waiting and hoping for one of these days for so long. We ventured outside as soon as possible in the tiny dusting of snow, they were so excited. Little did we know how much snow was coming later on! 

We came inside to warm up, watching to all the reports of how much snow we were due and how much trouble it was going to cause. The snow stopped falling and the kids were so disappointed! 

It got to about 2pm and it started coming down pretty thick and hard….and laying! Wahoo. They went out the front of the house to play in the snow properly this time! The girls friend from school lives across the road so they played with her in their sledge.

The girls would have played out there for so much longer, but we were slowly turning into an ice cube!! 

Came in and wrapped up watching it fall for the rest of the day. The wind was so strong down here that the snow drifts were causing a lot of problems. The snow was building up at the doors! 

They woke up on Friday filled with so much excitement to get back outside in it. So we decided we were going to attempt to make it up to the countrypark. The dog could have a lovely run around and we could see how beautiful it looked. We were not disappointed at all. It was so pretty and hardly touched. 

Who else loves running through untouched snow! 

It started to snow again really hard which was perfect timing for my photos! 


We were out for over 3 hours and I could have easily stayed out longer if it wasn’t as cold and the kids didn’t find it so cold too. Lots of lovely memories made though and I have all these photos and videos to treasure. 

You can see in this picture why Sofia’s nickname has always been ‘Freckles’ aren’t they cute. 

Snowball making! 

I was so happy to be able to do this.  I have been so worried about slipping over since having my back operation, so I was pretty nervous about going out in the snow. However it was lovely snow, powdery and soft. Perfect to walk in. I was so glad I could get out with the kids and not staying in or looking out from the inside. Thank goodness to the Doctors at the hospital and their quick response. 

A walk back through the woods which was so pretty, Lily enjoying eating the snow!! 

Once we got back home we spent a couple of hours warming back up. The girls wanted to try to build a snowman though, so went back out in the garden and played out their until it was dark. They were too young last time we had snow, so I needed to teach them how to roll the snow up to make one. It wouldn’t work! The snow was too soft, so we had to make a scooping up snowman instead! With dog agility poles as arms, twigs as hair, tomatoes for eyes, and carrot for a nose which Lily had been saving all week since she knew the snow might be coming. 

So there was our snow for March 2018! So glad I have been able to capture it and we have been able to create these lovely memories. If we have to wait another 5 years for the next lot of snow, Tyler will be 18 and the girls will be 13! Scary!! 

I also put together a short snow vlog if you fancy a watch 

Also I spotted a Facebook idea of playing disposable gloves over the kids gloves to keep their gloves dry which in turn keeps their hands warmer! It worked a treat and they never moaned once about their hands being cold…..just their feet!! 


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  1. We have loved having some snow, it makes a real change to get this amount down south

  2. Your pictures and video are the most stunning I’ve seen yet. It was so amazing wasn’t it? Your snow angels look like fun and your bucket snow man is great! You had way more snow than we did that’s for sure!

    • Ahh thats so lovely, thank you! Yes we did get quite a bit and really quickly too.

  3. I love that you included the dog in your snow day photos. I love the snow, it makes everything look so pretty doesn’t it?! #Countrykids

  4. I love these photos, it looks like you had such an amazing time in the snow. I wish I’d taken more photos now, I doubt we’ll have snow like it for a long time!

    Ami xxx

    • Thank you very much, I was determined I would get some photos as I know it hardly ever happens!!

  5. Your pictures are so beautiful. I’ve been seeing lots of snow pictures and can’t believe how much fell, especially in Dublin where all my family are. But none compare to yours!

    • We had so much and so quickly too, we certainly made the most of it! Thank you

  6. You’re a fellow Southamptoner! Well, I’m Romsey but that’s close enough 😉 I can’t believe we got snow this year! I love every single one of your photographs, gorgeous! Let’s hope it isn’t another 5 years before we get some more snow!

    • Hi and fellow Southamptoner! We’re going to the blog retreat too, see you there! I was so happy to get some snow…..fingers crossed for next winter!

  7. We had some fab snow days last week. The disposable glove idea is genius !i Work as a career so have loads of them ha

  8. Your photos are stunning! I kept on scrolling up and down and you have captured amazing details. Looks like you had fun! #countrykids

  9. You squeezed in so much fun!! Love the snowman, not sure I’ve ever heard of tomato eyes! It looked very pretty and I am so glad you all got to enjoy it in the end xx

    • Had to make the most of it didn’t we! Don’t know when were get it again!!!

  10. Wow you had some serious snow! Looks like you had a lot of fun on your snow days – lovely pics!

  11. Awww what a stunning selection of photos that capture such fun times. So many that certainly need printing and framing 🙂

  12. Putting disposable gloves over kids gloves is a great idea as ours were soaking wet after we enjoyed the snow x looks like you had a great snow day x

    • It happened so quickly too, never get it in Southampton so was very happy for it to finally arrive!

    • Brilliant idea isn’t it! Yep we HAD to make the most of it, we never get snow!!

  13. Beautiful beautiful photos! You had more snow than us in the end but like you it was such a novelty it got all my kids out joining in the fun. I even had to sledge down our sheep field myself only to be knocked off by running into mole hills not properly covered in snow! With the snow you had I wouldn’t think mole hills would be an issue. The kids all look so happy out playing from the garden to the country park. I must get my post up next week too!

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    • Thank you, I was so happy to capture the snow. Ah brilliant on the sledging!!! Naughty mole hill!!!! Looking forward to seeing your post on the snow

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