Sparklers……I love sparklers!

They bring lots of childhood memories back for me, I remember standing in the back garden seeing what shapes I could make with them.

So this year I did the same with the children but I wanted to learn how to take photos of the shapes we made.

The kids loved coming back and seeing what they had created with the sparklers, so it wasn’t just fun for me, it gave an added element to the sparklers.

We set up the camera tripod and lit the sparklers.

If you want to do this yourself and you want to get a good result you need

The settings I used on my camera were

  • The ISO setting needs to be on the lowest it can go, mine was set at 100
  • No flash
  • The auto focus needs to be set at single focus and not continuous
  • If your camera has a setting that allows you to leave the shutter open for as long as you hold down the button then use this. If you don’t have this option then adjust your shutter speed to as low as possible.


This is the results we got!

sparklers-renovation-bay-bee-final-1 Sparklers-Iloveyou

ย  sparklers-d sparklers-house sparklers-l sparklers-love sparklers-s sparklers-t



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