At the end of the holidays we headed off for a sunset dinner at West Witterings Beach. Packing up the cooked sausages, flask of tea and some tasty nibbles! 

Check the parking costs and times before you visit but the time we visited it was only £3 parking after 5pm. Timing it perfectly we arrived a 1 minute past five, missing the rush hour traffic too. 

Setting up our area the kids quickly ran off to start digging in the sand and best of all burying each other in the sand! 

The downside with West Witterings is it’s always windy! I don’t think I’ve ever been here when it’s not been windy!! We now have a wind breaker which is perfect for here. 

West Witterings is a large beach and when the tide is out the water is pretty far out. It also means that there is a large area of beach that isn’t deep at all. With the sun on the water warming it up, the girls happily played in the water. Splashing, riding the waves and just sitting chatting with the waves crashing against them! 

These girlies just embrace life so well, they love to be outside and I don’t think anyone couldn’t have smiled that them in this water. They were so happy in there and I wish it was right on our doorstep. 

Sofia loved the water crashing against her!

I adore the sunsets at West Witterings. The sunsets right over the water and the golden light is amazing. 

This made me laugh, as the girls came back onto the beach to warm up with their hot chocolate they chilled out with the Christmas mugs with the sun setting!

This is such pretty sunlight to photograph and off I went to have a play with what I could get. It’s not something I have done much of but I think I need to do more! 

When the kids saw what type of images I was taken we had great fun together capturing some silhouette shots which the sun was setting. It went down very quickly and you don’t have much time! 

 Sofia took over and got one of me and Kev!

And then that was it, the sun was set and our evening was finished at West Witterings. 

Tip, make note of when the gates shut at West Wittering too!

sunset dinner at west witterings beach



  1. West Wittering is one of my favourite beaches. It’s definitely the best sandy beach this side of the country. Love your sunset photos, they’re absolutely stunning.

    • Ah thank you very much, it’s such a lovely beach isn’t it. I love it in the winter when it’s quieter and I can walk the dog along there

  2. Oh wow these photos are just stunning!! How beautiful! We keep saying we need sunset photos taken and never get round to it!

    • Thank you, it’s good fun taken them but you have to be quick! Now the evenings are getting darker quicker it’s perfect for them

  3. Sounds like a lovely day out for the family. Mine all love to visit the beach although e haven’t really done it in the UK yet. We should as we have so many lovely beaches here.

    • There are SO many beaches, we love the beach and hope I can move there when the kids have finished school age

  4. First of all what a truly breath taking photographs , looks like everyone have a lot of fun – love the sunset shots those are meant to be framed

    • Yeah the kids loved the photos of themselves too, thank you very much. I often forget to get any of my pictures printed

  5. Sounds like a great visit for the family, it looks like you all had fun though not sure I can manage the water with windy weather.

  6. Sounds like you have a lovely time! I know what you mean about the wind blowing a gust on the coast – it’s the only annoying thing when you go to the beach, but great idea about taking a wind breaker 🙂 x

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