As a Mum of 3 kids, I am always on the lookout for things that make my job easier and quicker when it comes to household chores! I hate ironing, always have done, and I will leave my ironing to pile up high, and then it becomes even more of a bigger job. I also have back problems and lifting the ironing board is very painful, so I thought the Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer would come in very handy in my home.

Tefal DT9100 Handheld Steamer Review 

I purchased the Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer from Amazon about a month or so ago, and have been using it regularly on my household’s clothing. From jeans to shirts and have had great results. 

What Is The Tefal DT9100 Handheld Steamer?

I imagine if you’ve found this post through a search engine you already know what this item is and roughly what it does. I will show you the results in this post, and also have a look at my video to see it in action, it’s reassuring to see it working before purchasing it, isn’t it. 

If this item is new to you, then here’s a little more information for you. 

The Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer is a garment steamer that is small enough to be held in your hand and you can use the steam generated from it to steam out the creases in your clothing. Instead of using a hot iron to push the creases out, it uses the steam to drop them out. 

What’s In The Box?

  • The Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer
  • Two changeable heads 
  • Instructions 
  • Door hanger 
  • Door hanger cover 
  • Warranty information 

Why Purchase The Tefal DT9100 Handheld Steamer?

I thought this item would be great to be able to pick up and quickly steam out the creases on my washing, keeping my ironing pile smaller. It also saves me getting out the large ironing board, and I thought for things like the kid’s uniform that needs washing and ironing regularly I could do this without any problems. I would like to get into the routine of steaming every item that needs doing when I get it off the washing line, and not leaving it in an ironing pile. I also thought it would be safer than an iron for my older kids to do if they need items ironed quickly. My 17-year-old son has used this really easy for his work uniform a few minutes before he needed to leave!!! 

Door Hanger For The Tefal DT9100 Handheld Steamer

I like the door hanger that comes with this handheld steamer, this is what you place your items of clothing on when you steam it. It has a hook to place over the door hanger, two clothing clips, and another hook to place a hanger onto. The little clips are a bit rubbish at holding onto clothing when you’re using the steamer and pulling down, so I often just place the clothes on a hanger and steam it on those. Then they’re ready to go straight into the wardrobes once steamed. 

Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer door hanger

I leave the door hanger over the utility room door so I can quickly add items to steam on this when needed. It doesn’t take up much room and the door can still shut nicely with it on. 

Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer door hanger

You need to put it together when it comes in the box, but once together you don’t need to take it apart each time. The hook at the top can fold down to make it a little smaller for storing. 

I do wish it was a little longer though, as adult tops do hang off the edge once they get to the end and you then don’t have anything to press the steamer against. 

Long Cable 

The cable that comes with the handheld steamer is 3 metres long which gives you a really good length to work with and access the door hanger. It also comes with velcro strapping to wrap the cable up neatly when not in use. 

Two Interchangeable Heads 

It comes with two interchangeable heads which are for different fabrics. The one with the bristles is for normal fabrics and the other one is for more delicate fabrics, like silk. These clip into place easily on the main steamer head. The bristles are meant to help with the direction of the steam and to help with nondripping, however, I have had some dripping, but not sure if that is just how I am using it or the steamer. 

Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer

How Do You Use The Tefal DT9100 Handheld Steamer?

The Tefal handheld garment steamer is so easy to use, you need to fill up the 200milliletre tank with water and shut secure the tank with the rubber seal. You then clip the tank back into place with a click, and plug it in and ready to go! 

Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer after use

Fast Heat Up Time and Three Heat Settings 

It heats up within 40 seconds which really impressed me, then pick from your 3 heat steam settings. I have used mostly the highest setting and amount of steam, but that is just so I can just get a job done as quickly as possible! 

Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer

Hang Your Items On The Door Hanger 

You must place your items on the door hanger to steam them, and start from the top and drag the Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer in a downwards motion. I found it was best to hold the items of clothing out flat when doing this as you can steam in the creases if it’s folded over. You can do both sides if needed, but as the steam goes through it’s not always needed to be done on both sides.

Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer

But watch the steam on your hands, surprising as it heats up to 140c it’s really hot!!!

Trigger Lock Button 

On the Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer, there is a trigger button you must hold to release the steam, if you’re doing a large item you can lock off the trigger button so you get a constant flow of steam without holding down the button. 

Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer trigger button and lock

Removes Odours and Bacteria 

The Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer is great at removing odours from fabrics, and certain bacterias which would be really helpful if you are taking this away with you. You would be able to freshen up your clothing if you need to wear it more often, or can’t wash it. It would be perfect if it’s been in your bag and you need to smarten it up before wearing it too. 

Curtains and Upholstery 

You can even use this on your curtains and upholstery! What a brilliant way to freshen up these items without the need for a full wash and drying. I am going to end up using this everywhere!!! 


So really the most important thing is

does it work?! Well yes it does, take a look for yourself!

Video Of The Tefal DT9100 Handheld Steamer In Action 

So as you can see it really does work well at getting the creases out of the fabrics. I am very impressed with it, and haven’t had my iron and ironing board out once since I got it. 

What Didn’t I Like?

Not much really, like I said above the door hanger board could do with being longer, and stronger clips. But I also wouldn’t say this would be very good at pressing iron lines into shirts and smart trousers if that’s what you neeed. We don’t have to wear this type of clothing so not a problem for us. 

I’ve really loved the ease of the Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer and how quickly I can smarten up items of our clothing, and will be using this so much! 

You can purchase the Tefal DT9100 handheld steamer from Amazon for £72.99 



  1. I normally pop my clothes in the dryer for 10 minutes to get the creases out. But this is fab if you font gave a dryer and perfect for curtains

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