The time has come when the schools are breaking up and you need to find a teachers gift.

I took inspiration from my Father’s Day chocolate treat jar that I made and decided that T’s teacher could have one too!

The last glass jar I got was from Tesco’s but this one was from Ikea and only 80p instead of ยฃ2.50 and it was the same size.

I made up a new label, again feel free to print it off.


T knew that his teacher loved jaffa cakes, so we got the mini jaffa cakes so they could all fit in!

So off he went today on his last day of the school year, and came home from school saying that his teacher had been given over 100 jaffa cakes!! Do you think the teacher had been putting his orders in with the children?!?!


You can add anything you want into these jars and just add a ribbon and label, I think it makes a lovely gift.


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